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How far is my ADSL?

Pending the complete spread of the ultra-wide band and the optical fiber, the ADSL connections they are, without doubt, the most widespread in Italian homes. If you are wondering my ADSL goes and how to evaluate the quality of your connection and, therefore, how to measure the speed of your ADSL you could be helped by some simple instructions that will allow you to discover all the details on your Internet network so that you can discover its real potential in complete tranquility.

To understand how much my ADSL goes, first of all what is important to know nominal speed of ADSL connection, or the maximum value that can reach the Internet speed of your offer. The ADSL connections are divided, to date, between 7 Mega connections or 20 Mega connections (the value refers to the maximum download speed but it is also important to know the upload speed value). you can compare all ADSL offers currently available on the market thanks to comparator of Recall that the connections through fiber optic network they are much faster than ADSL and can even reach 500 Mega downloads to date, even if the most widespread ones guarantee a nominal connection of 100 Mega in download, a figure that is clearly much higher than the maximum speed of the best ADSL network.

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<p><strong>To find out how much my ADSL goes</strong>instead, you need to make one <strong>speed test </strong>of the line so<strong> check, in real time, if the actual speed of your connection is close to the nominal speed.</strong> If the difference is significant and the actual speed is less than the minimum guaranteed by your operator, you can cancel the contract or switch to another operator.</p>
<p>The ADSL speed test is done online, via the browser, in a very simple way.<strong> It is advisable, before starting the test, to make sure that there are no active PC programs that use the web connection and that no other devices are connected to the modem</strong> (PCs, notebooks, smartphones and tablets) that could go to reduce the available bandwidth of the connection even in a rather significant way if the network used is a 7 Mega ADSL. <strong>The test must be repeated, to obtain greater accuracy of the result, several times in a row,</strong> maybe trying again to carry out surveys at different times of the day so as to also check the quality of the network in the most crowded time slots. An average of the various tests performed will allow you to find an answer to the question. How far is my ADSL?</p>
<p><strong>You can do an ADSL speed test</strong>to understand how to go my ADSL, through the appropriate <strong> meter</strong> entering some data related to your line such as the nominal value of the connection, the municipality of residence and the cost of your bill. Once this preliminary phase has been completed, you will be able to proceed with the test that will provide precise indications regarding the actual download and upload speed of your network.</p>
<p>The test data will allow you, first of all, to have a clear idea about the quality of your connection in relation to the nominal speed communicated by the telephone operator used.</p>
<p>The results of the speed test will also be accompanied by some suggestions in which the most advantageous rates currently available on the market will be proposed. It is always useful to verify the possible presence of the coverage of the optical fiber (in net growth in recent months in Italy) which guarantees a navigation speed, both in download and in upload, much higher than the traditional ADSL.</p>