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Ho.Re.Ca, the new frontier of wi-fi for ZyXEL

They can do without everything, but not with wi-fi in a Hotel, this is the result of a worldwide research carried out by Trip-Advisor (the famous tourist site of opinions and reviews). Customers identify wi-fi as one of the fundamental services, and are willing to give up the pool (for example) but not connectivity. ZyXEL has (…)

They can do without everything, but not with wi-fi in a Hotel, this is the result of a worldwide research carried out by Trip-Advisor (the famous tourist site of opinions and reviews). Customers identify wi-fi as one of the fundamental services, and they are willing to give up the swimming pool (for example) but not the connectivity. ZyXEL has identified these needs, with a careful study of the most interesting markets has outlined those that are today the needs of customers and hotels. Because what a need for customers becomes a market for ICT retailers. This is a great opportunity, in short, one of the most interesting available to the indirect channel in recent times, because it responds to a real, tangible, concrete need for the Hotels (but also for restaurants, wellness centers, etc.) and their users. On this ZyXEl has created a complete vertical offer, made up of technology, training and local presence.

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<p><strong>The data</strong>We started with a careful analysis of the Ho.Re.Ca sector, explained Valerio Rosano, ZyXEL's Sales & Marketing manager and we discovered extremely interesting data: out of 100 guests in hotels, 99% of them have at least one device that allows internet access . Out of a sample of 10,000 people traveling for work, 61% consider the Wireless service to be the most important; 31% of people connect to the internet as their first activity, once they have entered the room (Inter Continental Hotel Group Global Search). Take away the pool but not the Wi-FI: the TripAdvisor TriBarometer showed that 76% of respondents believe the Wi-Fi connection is a very important service; in second place we find the parking lot and the third the pool. Suffice it to say that, while traveling, whether for work or pleasure, people can no longer do without an internet connection: to check emails, to share photos with friends and communicate on social networks. Circulating Tablets and Smartphones are growing in number, and to work best, these devices must connect to a Wi-Fi network.</p>
<p><strong>The ZyCamp Project</strong></p>
<p>Hence the ZyXEL Ho.Re.Ca project was born with the idea of ??making a new and rapidly expanding market available to dealers, from which dealers can get great satisfaction. We are selecting lelite, we are creating a team of champions, choosing among the our partners the best professionals who are able to follow the Ho.Re.Ca world with professionalism and technical preparation, underlined Valerio Rosano – select a deccellency team from our partners, with great territorial and structural potential and improve their technical and commercial skills ; will allow ZyXEL to rely on a real special force to correctly approach the HO.RE.CA sector: here the idea of ??the new ZyCAMP bootcamps is born.<span style=ZyXEL has also created a dedicated website for tourism operators, at Ho.Re.Ca:

It is dedicated to hospitality structures, because they can easily understand how ZyXEL can improve their work and help them to provide increasingly efficient customer services; but that it is for our channel, also a commercial tool for projects to be implemented in accommodation facilities, explained Rosano. On this site tourism operators find all the information on wi-fi, not only from a technical point of view, but also useful information on how to fully satisfy their customers using technology. Designed to be easy to consult, it also includes an immediate wi-fi technology guide, which allows tourism operators to immediately identify the "right size" of the infrastructure they need. The site is already a reference point for the sector hospitality and for ZyXEL the tool with which the requests for intervention are collected to then be sent to the ZyCamp partners, because the whole operation has the objective of making the channel grow.The ZyCAMP bootcamps will prepare a team of new professionals. Take part, this is a unique opportunity to boost business.

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<p><strong>The action</strong></p>
<p>The action of ZyXEL on the market has already begun and is already bringing important results. We are creating our ZyCamp Partners, that is resellers that we prepare commercially and technically to face the Hospitality sector, to significantly increase their and our business. For them we have created a real ZyCamp Kit consisting of a Product Kit, a technical Bootcamp, commercial webinars alongside marketing tools to present ZyXEL solutions to the HO.RE.CA. A complete set, a survival kit that allows them to face this challenge with all the most advanced tools we have already tested on the sector. But we do not stop here, we will take direct action on the accommodation operators to make them aware of the issue and bring them to the website, we have already tightened up agreements with the territorial realities, with the trade associations and with specialized operators. We put all our experience at the service of the retailer, because in a difficult period like this there are growing markets, we must know how to recognize them and direct them: ZyCamp our answer. Let's start in May with the ZyCamp Bootcamps, the training moments that will take place right inside the Hotels that have chosen to upgrade their infrastructure. all participants will receive a complete training (commercial and technical) and a kit of products to be able to switch immediately to professional installations ".</p>
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