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Here comes the Microsoft wearable, here are the patents

The rumors are based on the wearable signed by Microsoft, only that it will not be a watch but a smartband.

by Cecilia Cantadore

The rumors are based on the Microsoft smartwatch, only it won't be a watch. According to historically knowledgeable Paul Thurrott, blogger and technology expert, wearable technology expected from Microsoft will not be a watch but a health and fitness tracker that can notify calls and track the timing of physical exercises. The first rumors suggest that the technology will be equipped with sensors to record fitness movements and will be supported by Android, iOS and (of course) Windows Phone. The rumors also concern the aspect that the device could have. Three Microsoft patented applications (including the one in the photo) of wearable technologies that allow you to run, browse and send text messages simultaneously have been recently published. A patent even shows a dock for vertical charging, and suggests that Redmond's staff has studied every little detail. There is no guarantee to see these elements sooner or later in a finished product or in the gadget expected later this year, but at least the perception of the company and its look remains positive.