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Google eliminates Chrome extensions that undermine cryptocurrencies

Hard fight against illicit cryptomining activities: Google excludes all extensions for mining from its Chrome Web Store.

Even the Mountain View company faces those who deal illegally with hard-nosed criptomining: block all extensions for Chrome.

google cryptocurrency extensions

After the move by Facebook and Twitter, who decided to block the banners that advertise the cryptocurrencies, the famous bitcoins included, Google's time to put a stop to the widespread and incorrect practices of the crafty mining.

Until this moment, those who decided to devote themselves to more or less transparent cryptographic mining activities, had an easy life. Google left to do, but since when other giants have decided to fix things for the sole benefit of security and user privacy, the music definitely changed.

No wonder that, after the datagate deriving from the Cambridge Analytica scandal and subsequent adaptations of Facebook regarding the processing of user data, all the big names in the sector are running for cover before it's too late.

Mining activities affected by the ban

Specifically, by mining we mean the set of all those processes and elaborations of the computer network that participate in the validation of transactions executed with cryptocurrencies. This system allows those who are part of the validation network to receive monetary rewards in the form of a cryptocurrency. On the other hand, it is necessary to have computers with a high computing power to withstand the expensive cryptomining operations; or, you can distribute the effort in a system made up of different computers.

The regulation violated

In the beginning Google allowed the creation and publication on its Chrome Web Store of extensions for its browser which had as the sole purpose of undermining cryptocurrencies, but with very precise rules. In fact, the extensions had to have not only the sole purpose of mining, but before their use the users had to be correctly informed about the functioning and impact that these would have on their computers .

Since 90% of these extensions violated the legislation, Google has decided to remove all extensions related to cryptomining from its market.

Incorrect practices

Google's goal is to hit the various applications in the Chrome Web Store that are presented to users as extensions of common utility, but that instead hide mining activities without the users' knowledge. Recently, an extension was discovered that boasted the ability to create short url but, in reality, once installed on the computer of the victim, he carried out mining operations in the background without explicit authorization by the user. With all the negative aspects of the case: from an excessive consumption of energy resources to an overall computer slowdown, with a clear deterioration in the performance of the same.

The ban on all mining extensions

The measure undertaken by Google interested, for, all the extensions that aim to undermine the cryptocurrencies, even those very few that respected the regulation. In particular, the new extensions characterized by cryptomining activities will no longer be accepted in the Chrome Web Store , while those already existing will be eliminated indiscriminately from the next month of July, except for those that deal only with the custody of cryptomains, or wallets.