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Fantastical 2 for Mac: updates the best app for calendars and reminders

If you are a regular user of the app Calendar is Reminders of iPhone, iPad and Mac, you certainly have heard of Fantastical (here find our review), an app that, as you can imagine, aims to manage events and reminders in one place.Flexibits, the developers of the app, have updated the Mac application by releasing the version Fantastical2, introducing many new features.

fantastical2-mac "width =" 680 "height =" 404 "srcset =" // 680w, // wp-content / uploads / 2015/04 / fantastical2-mac-336x200.jpg 336w, // 150w, // www. 300w, // 640w " data-sizes = "(max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px" /> We got to try <strong>Fantastical 2</strong> and, on the basis of what we had already noticed using the first version and the counterpart for iOS, today I would like to try to sum up and understand if it is worth switching from version 1 to version 2, or buy it if you never used it.</p><div class=

Fantastical 1 it was a simple widget that positioned itself in the men bar of the Mac. It was therefore not an app to be able to use in full screen and you could only interact by clicking on the icon positioned in the top bar of OS X. An elegant curtain showed the calendar, events and reminders in the app Calendar is Reminders.

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Version 2 still maintains fast interaction via men bars, but now also integrates a full-screen interface, as the app does Calendar of OS X, and also a simple and functional widget that can be inserted in the notification center.

The developers worked a lot from the point of view of the graphic interface, maintaining the settings of Fantastical 1 but putting everything under a guise that best fits with the new design of OS X Yosemite. Eliminated shadows or scheumorphic elements, now prevail bright colors that make the use of the app pleasant.

After installing Fantastical 2, at the first start we are asked if we want to import the calendars and reminders present on OS X. The very simple configuration and we will not have to waste time manually entering account or manage anything else. The main screen of the app is divided into two parts:

  • On the left side there is the calendar of the month and, below it, all the events entered are grouped. At the bottom left we find a little square with a check mark that, if clicked, shows us the list of reminders. A button at the top instead allows us to insert new events. And the inclusion of events and reminders of the function that made Fantastical one of the best apps of its kind (we will deepen this topic later).
  • In the right part of the screen, instead, we can choose whether to display the calendar by day, week, month or year. A convenient search bar allows us to find events entered and we have an overview of our events.

By enabling the widget in the notification center, you will be shown the commitments of the day and the reminders that have imminent expiration, with the possibility of marking them as done by selecting the box next to the name.

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<p>As mentioned above, the most interesting function of <strong>Fantastical</strong>  the possibility of adding events as if we were talking to an assistant. For example, if we write a soccer game next Thursday at 7pm for two hours, the event fields will be filled in automatically and intelligently. Also, if we have more calendars than we manage with<strong>Fantastical</strong>, we can say to the app in which calendar we want to add the event simply by adding in queue on the calendar xxx.</p>
<p><img class=Writing instead Remind me to buy milk tomorrow a new reminder will be created with a deadline set for tomorrow. The semantics of recognition is very well structured and works in 99% of cases. Thanks to the voice-activated dictation on the Mac by double-clicking on the button fn, we can also dictate to Fantastical 2 the event to insert and the app do the rest, without any need for interaction between us and the Mac. Really an excellent function that allows us to save a lot of time during the insertion and management of appointments and reminders.

In addition to these, other basic functions are not lacking, such as managing time zones, notices and much more. Also interesting is the possibility to set a clear or dark theme (with the background of the bar on the left that turns dark gray).

In conclusion, I recommend buying Fantastical 2 to all those who make intensive use of the calendar and reminders, as it simplifies and speeds up event management. If you have purchased Frantastical 1 and you don't know whether to switch to the new version, the possibility of being able to use the app not only via the bar but also via panel navigation, is certainly worth the money spent on upgrades.

Fantastical 2 can be purchased directly from the Mac App Store at a discounted introductory price of 39.99.