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Facebook updates Messenger: VoIP calls are now easier

The Zuckerberg platform evolves and approaches, for free voice calls, to Viber and WeChat

Despite having acquired with much fanfareWhatsApp for 16 (+3) billion dollars, Facebook therefore continues to grow its messaging app. Introduced in early 2013 in the US and Canada and made available in Europe a year ago, calls VoIP between Facebook Messenger contacts are now even simpler: just open the chat with your friend to see the top right corner the handset icon immediately next to that of the contact card. A feature that brings the service closerto Viber and WeChatand which leads to a more evolved stage an already existing but more hidden possibility.

Like all VoIP, of course, to be able to call with Facebook Messenger both users must be connected to the Internet, via Wi-Fi or on a cellular network (in this case, bandwidth consumption involves costs according to their own tariff plan).

The function is already available for iOS and Android, while you still have to wait for it on Windows Phone.


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