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Facebook: 87 million users involved in the datagate, 214 thousand Italians

The number of users potentially involved in the Cambridge Analytica signed data scandal is widespread: there are also the profiles of 214 thousand Italians affected by the illegal transfer of personal information.

Since the bomb of the Cambridge Analytica case broke out, Mark Zuckerberg is trying to put together the pieces of a scandal that at the beginning seemed to have the power to destroy all of Menlo Park's digital empire. data breach occurred between Alexander Kogan and Cambridge Analytica, a marketing company that acquired information from 87 million users from the application of the Russian-American researcher.

facebook 87 million datagate

Facebook Datagate the estimate in excess

If at first the number of profiles involved in the datagate was around 50 million estimated by the New York Times following its profound investigation into the illegal transfer of user data, today Facebook itself, in the person of its CEO Zuckerberg, has branched out the definitive data on the scandal in a conference with the US press. I am 87 million the users affected by the aims of Cambridge Analytica, overestimated by the company of Zuckerberg who continues to try to extricate himself from the problem one (cautious) step at a time.

37 million more than the figure provided by the New York Times, but again the number is rejected by Cambridge Analytica, which claims to have had access to sensitive information of only 30 million users, then deleted as intimated by Facebook itself.

Facebook Datagate: the countries most involved

In the top ten countries around the world affected by the datagate there are in the first position the United States, with well 70,632,350 profiles involved, followed by the Philippines, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, India, Brazil, Vietnam and Australia.

Unfortunately, however, there is no lack of appeal to Italian users who have been affected by the problem in spite of themselves: it seems that 57 users in Italy have installed the offending application at the time thisisyourdigitallife, who with the excuse of playing a quiz to outline the user's personality, asked for permission to access the personal information that was then sold by Kogan to Cambridge Analytica. But the number is growing exponentially, since the app could also access all users who were part of the network of friends of the 57 profiles that allowed access, for a total of 214,134 Italian profiles from which valuable information has been obtained.

Actions taken by Facebook to stem the damage caused by the data

At present, Facebook has already moved to significantly limit access to data by third-party app developers, but went further by disabling the feature that allowed find a contact only by entering the phone number or e-mail address in the search bar inside the well-known social network.

Moreover, from the next April 9th novelties will be adopted for users of the well-known social network: a banner will be displayed that will alert the people involved in the data, as well as a tool that will allow them to check which applications have been given consentto access their data and, eventually, remove them permanently.

In addition, Zuckerberg explained that in Facebook they are working hard in the name of greater transparency, the results of which will also pass from a clearer and easier to understand policy for all users. Therefore, they keep us understand what the tools and possibilities of the social network are, but this time making it clear what and how many are the data of the members gathered not only from Facebook, but also from similar products like Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Finally, also in light of the recent revelations that have discovered how Facebook call and SMS logs of Android phones, the CEO said that no more data will be stored regarding calls, SMS and messages from the applications mentioned above for more than a year.

Zuckerberg's testimony on Datagate Facebook

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg has made it known that to report to the Senate and to the Congress of the United States Chamber, to testify the role of Facebook in the whole affair, but also await feedback with the Federal Trade Commission as regards the 2011 agreement signed for the protection of user privacy.