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Even Europe against Microsoft

Even Europe against Microsoft

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The ongoing investigation in Europe on Microsoft is closely linked to the US process. If the high court or the appeals court confirms the sentence imposed by Judge Jackson, even the parliamentary commission of inquiry could consider consumers and competitors of the old continent sufficiently guaranteed, but if an acquittal is received, the investigation will continue. a process will be instructed. To provide guarantees in this sense was Mario Monti EU commissioner for free competition, visiting these days in Washington. The doubts of those who thought that the investigation into Microsoft had run aground or those of those who thought that an acquittal of the company of Redmond in the USA would consequently mean the closure of the case in Europe were cleared. "On the contrary – Monti said – we will investigate further whether an acquittal will come from the American courts. Indeed the process will be accelerated to verify whether it is necessary or not to impose restrictions on Microsoft's business practices in Europe ". The EU could be forced to seriously consider the hypothesis if, as someone dares, the arrival in the presidential chair of George W. Bush, it is a prerequisite for a loosening of the DOJ's grip on Microsoft. Some observers suggest that an educated process in Europe could also be more damaging to Microsoft as the investigating commission is focusing its attention on Windows 2000, which for the future will become an increasingly strategic product for Redmond. The suspicion that with the release of Win2000 monopolistic and anticompetitive practices have been launched on many server products that would end up preventing the development of the free market in the Internet sector

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