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Errare umanum est perseverare diabolicum.

Errare umanum est perseverare diabolicum.

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Perhaps Macity should seriously consider the possibility of establishing a prize (perhaps in the shape of a hat with donkey ears, of a Collodian memory) to be assigned to the newspapers that have distinguished themselves for the large quantity of computer castronerie given to them. to an audience not so hypnotized as they think.

Well, waiting for our prestigious magazines to "get under" (including online, and no, let's put the dots on i), however, we know that it will be difficult for this year to excel on the weekly insert of "la Repubblica" , "Affari & Finaza" which also in yesterday's issue, Monday 26 June, on p. 39, "Aol, the time for revenge has arrived – the colossus has lost up to 70 percent from the peaks of January but the recovery phase has already started", has managed to delight us with what you can see with your eyes in the caption that accompanies the photo of a character to the most unknown.

Further comment seems superfluous, at most we reserve it for the motivation of the first prize.

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