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Elio e le Storie tese Gigi d’Alessio for the presentation of iTMS in Italy

Yesterday in Milan Apple Italia dedicated a meeting to the press to announce the latest news on the iPod side and to officially launch the iTunes Music Store, available for a month now, also for our country.

The location was a showroom of fashionable clothing accessories, very colorful, which made the right compendium to a long series of mini colored iPods exhibited together with the other iPods and some existing iMac G5 LCDs to test the iTunes Music Store.

Introduced by Enzo Biagini, Apple's country manager for Italy and southern Europe, the evening saw one of the most pirated singers, Il Campano Gigi d'Alessio, come on stage.

"So far I have been a victim of the Internet and piracy, I am happy with the evolution and I hope the new systems will not damage the CD object, which is always nice to have and use" the debut of d'Alessio, which continues "the record companies with piracy they have lost a lot of money and therefore have invested little in the new generation of music, it is hoped that with online sales new resources will arrive and that these investments will start again ?.

The Neapolitan singer-songwriter "new romantic" then left the meeting, ideally delivering to the iTunes Music Store users three of his fifteen discs, as a digital selection.

Following the usual punctual presentation of Lorenzo Sangalli, Apple product manager, regarding the iTunes Music Store that firmly established the first legal digital music jukebox in the world with 70% of the market and so far 150 million songs sold.

The "classic" iPod and the red and black iPod of the special edition U2 are illustrated in all their well-known features, finally a brief mention of iPod photo that in addition to managing the favorite music can contain and show on larger screens the best digital photos.

Five million iPods sold to date.

25,000 digital photos can be stored in an iPod photo (which prioritizes music as priority storage) and Apple offers us a curious definition of this quantity: if printed and stacked 25,000 photos would measure 6 meters in height; taking 100 photos a month (more than three a day) for the eldest son up to his age, he would reach his own 25,000; with 15 x 20 prints it is possible to cover the entire penalty area including a football pitch.

At the end the room was monopolized by Elio, Faso and Cesareo accompanied by their manager. The appearance was certainly not surprising given that, as is well known, it is one of the most "faithful" Mac alm formations. From their very beginnings they have used Mac (to be precise a Plus and an SE) for their first recordings. Funny and irreverent, as expected, their comments on the "novelty" of digital music.

Faso and Cesareo have tried their hand at two special iMixes that we have partly listened to, created specifically by combining a combination of songs that are quite different from each other. Find on iTMS "Faso MixImprobabile" and "Cesareo EeIST megamix".

Faso apologizes if he has not included rap music in his iMix because he "sucks us".

"The prospect of buying songs from the iTunes Music Store – said Elio to Macity asking why their songs are not for sale on iTunes – an excellent novelty. Why is our music not yet for sale? We will see that we have no qualms in this regard and do not believe that there are any impediments of any kind on the part of our music publisher n by Apple. just a matter of time ".

Let's compare the experience of Gigi d'Alessio with that of Elio on digital music: "frankly, I don't know what the fans of the friend Gigi d'Alessio do online with pirated or legal music" says the leader of the group Elio e le Storie Tese "Ours are sure that they move easily, but not because those others are stupid, that maybe they are not really very practical … maybe they are girls in the majority and with the Internet they move badly".

Before leaving Elio still has time to refuse (jokingly) laying with the iPod special edition U2 in his hand. The reason? "Simply the most miserable red and black color for an Interista. Apple warned: if it means making an iPod Special Edition Elio and the Storie Tese, the color will have to be irrevocably black and blue.