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Dropbox launches Carousel, the streaming of all your photos

With Carousel the display of synchronized photos on Dropbox changes, now also for events and sharing with friends. But buying enough space far from cheap


When, last November, Flickr launched version 2.30 of the app for iOS with the Camera Upload function, Yahoo! had come to offer 1 terabyte of free space for each account in order to relaunch the use of its platform, gradually neglected by smartphone photomaniaci in favor of Instagram. With the synchronization of the film, however, Flickr proposed to restart as an alternative to Dropbox (and SkyDrive), aiming to keep the backup of all your photos.

A few months later today Dropbox raises with a new feature, Carousel, which offers the possibility to scroll through all the photos you have synchronized in your account not only by date, but also aggregated by event. The app of Carousel coming immediately for iOS and Android, no trace of Windows Phone (where the official Dropbox app is still hidden): going from scrolling to simple sharing and it will be possible to include in your carousel also the photos and videos that relatives and friends have shared with you, per create more and more complete albums of the moments you will most want to remember.

The graphics are very reminiscent of the new film for iOS 7, with the addition of some larger images here and the timeline below. On each photo or album of shared photos you can read friends' comments.

Unlike the Flickr move, which had exaggerated with space, the Dropbox move obviously aims to get you buy cloud storage packages, since the basic account includes only 2GB and to include all the photos of a lifetime, these days, many more are needed.


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