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Disable auto-save WhatsApp photos on iPhone

automatic saving photo WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp on iPhone, you will have certainly noticed that, every time a friend of yours sends a photo or a video on the chat, these are automatically saved even in the camera roll, from your personal photos. This function allows the automatic saving of theWhatsApp photo on iPhone it starts to become particularly annoying when you are enrolled in different groups, in which photos are continuously exchanged. In a short time, your camera roll risks filling up with useless or uninteresting photos. Then it will become difficult to find your personal shots among thousands of uninteresting photos for you. If this has become a problem that haunts you, perhaps you don't know that the automatic image saving function on Whatsapp can be disabled, discover in this guide how to do it.

Photo WhatsApp on iPhone: automatic recovery deactivated

Fortunately the app developer has foreseen the possibility that this function can be disabled. In this way, when someone sends you an image or video on the WhatsApp chat, you can view it in the app, but if you want to download it in the camera roll, you will have to give the consent manually. If you don't know how to do it, in this guide I will explain you all the steps to follow to not automatically save WhatsApp photos on iPhone and how to save them manually.

NB: it is possible to disable the automatic saving of WhatsApp images and videos only on iPhone. This feature is not present on Android.

Procedure for deactivating the automatic saving of photos

If you don't want to automatically save WhatsApp photos on iPhone, the steps to follow are very simple and you can see them below.

  • First start the app Whatsapp on your iPhone and select the button Settings placed at the bottom right. If you don't have it, you can download the app from here.
  • In Settings, select the menu Chat.

Setting up chat whatsapp

  • Among the different items, there is a call "Save in the Camera Roll". You need to disable it if you no longer want the photos and videos to be automatically stored in the roll of photos on your iPhone.

Save in the Camera Roll

From this moment on, whenever a friend of yours sends you a photo or a video on WhatsApp, this will no longer be automatically stored. However, the possibility remains of being able to save, if we want, only the photos that interest us in the app Photo of iOS. Make it very simple.

How to manually save images in the Camera Roll

Even this simple procedure should be done on every single photo or video.

  • Access the WhatsApp chat where there is a photo / video to save and click on it to open it.
  • Click on the button with an arrow pointing upwards at the bottom left.

  • In the menu that opens, click Save.

At this point, opening the app Photo of iOS you will find the photo or video you have chosen to save.

This feature that allows you to disable the automatic saving of photos and videos in WhatsApp chats on the iPhone will prove very useful if you are part of many groups of friends and family. This function will save you from an uncontrolled storage of photos and videos of your camera roll, with images that you would not want to memorize.

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