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Deezer, free and without time limits on tablets and computers

New in the new version of Deezer: you can access mobile music and create your own radio. But not only.

deezer "src =" "width =" 600 "height =" 335 "/></strong>Great news for Deezer: if used in free mode, you will be able to access your music <strong>without time limits even from tablet and PC</strong>.Accessing a Dozer from mobile, you can also access to <b>Flow, </b>a feature designed to offer the user a personalized radio channel. But not only. There is now a new radio function accessible through the new button <b>Listen to the radio,</b>available in the men playlist – combining the best of user favorite songs with the best selection from Deezer's editorial team.</p>
<p>Also presented the Beta version of the new desktop app <b>Deezer</b><b>for Mac</b>which – for the first time – allows you to combine all the music on your Mac with that of the Deezer catalog in a simple and intuitive way, collecting it in a single centralized music library. Deezer for Mac, unlike the web app, also allows you to control playback and volume with the dedicated keys on the computer keyboard.</p><div class=


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