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Cupertino spent billions of dollars to improve Apple Maps

In response to questions from a US congressional investigation into technology antitrust issues, Apple revealed that it had invested billions of dollars in apple Maps, the Cupertino cartographic service designed to compete in the segment where Google Maps has always been a leader.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google provided answers to questions put forward by the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, presented as part of an antitrust study in the digital market. While the process revealed little new information regarding the antitrust investigation, various information on Apple's activity emerged. At the committee's request on how much it had spent and invested in Apple Maps, the company responded "billions".

Apple executives had previously hinted at a high price for the project, to build a mapping system from scratch, even if the numbers were never mentioned. How many billions of dollars Apple has actually spent on the project not known.

Apple Maps is growing, now with the internal maps of Milan Linate and two Italian outletsTo create the new Apple Maps, which debuted together with iOS 12, Apple has collected mountains of cartographic data, navigation, routing and images from dedicated devices, such as Apple's vans, but also special backpacks, years of work culminating in an exclusive mapping product for iOS, which boasts highly accurate mapping, rich road maps, integrations with public transport and more.

The new generation of Apple Maps has long been available in various areas of the USA starting from the west coast: those who have tried it ensure that quality, details and precision are even higher than Google Maps. New features have recently been added, such as the Look Around view in iOS 13, which, similar to Google's Street View, provides street-level imagery for real-world navigation.

Apple was largely encouraged to create a complete mapping solution after the embarrassing launch of Maps in 2012, with the company's first foray into the world of mapping not too happy. Let us remember that Apple is abandoning Google Maps, as part of the Google services integrated on its software, already starting from iOS 6. Considered by some as a serious error, Maps in iOS 6 was immediately labeled as unreliable, with incorrect data, and with the characteristic of tip – Flyover – who suffered from graphic problems.

cupertino invests billions for apple maps - Padua, Reggio Calabria and Syracuse with a 3D Flyover viewThere have been so many criticisms that CEO Tim Cook had to apologize to customers who are now frustrated by software that is not up to standard. In addition to the large amount of investment in Maps, as reported by Reuters, Apple has answered questions on its Safari browser, on the App Store commission system and other areas. In addition, two employees tried to move disputes to arbitration, even if they were not specified.

The judicial committee of the Chamber requested data and material relating to potential anti-competitive behavior. Along with the aforementioned topics, the committee is trying to clarify the alleged repression by Apple of apps that promote parental control, third-party payment systems, default apps for users and the so-called "Sherlocking" of third-party apps parties, that is the possibility that Apple will develop a software or a system taking inspiration from a third-party app, then pushing its own software making life difficult for the external developer.

Cupertino's investments in cartography are also of interest to Italy: the coverage of the interiors of constantly expanding public places, as well as the hyper realistic 3D view of the cities of our country, while in recent months Apple's cars have circulated far and wide in Italy to collect data and photographs. In this article a tutorial on how to share the estimated time of arrival with your contacts.