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Crusoe takes the first steps.

Crusoe takes the first steps.

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The processor born not so much from the imagination of Daniel Defoe but from Transmeta (and 'always a x86) was seen inside a laptop by IBM (Thinkpad 240) but other companies of the likes of Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM and NEC promise implementations of the (apparently) revolutionary processor.

The model used in the Thinkpad (which is not yet in production but only a test model) is a processor (of the TM5000 series, the processors chosen are the TM5400 and TM5600, presumably at 600 MHz) adapted to ultralight laptops and ensures battery up to seven / eight hours of life (the LongRun power management allows a consumption of 1 W in some conditions) without the use of cooling fans. The operating system is Mobile Linux.

IBM is also the producer of these Crusoe models.

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