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Colossi emulate.

Colossi emulate.

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It's called ImageStation and it is a site that freely provides unlimited navigators the ability to store, online, digital photos and 15 minutes of video.

Everyone will be able to create their own photo album, distribute their photos and video clips, order their prints with customizations, send electronic postcards with photographed subjects.

Many of these features have been "inspired" by Apple's iTools and Sony admit it to sunlight "ImageStation is a direct challenge to iTools, of course! But better organized and with a conception of the media, and how they can work together, a little differently, Apple has designed a system with compartmentalization, we have a Video Store ?.

Actually iTools has not yet presented a sort of "iVideo" but given the growing shift of interest towards the DV by Apple there is to be expected in the not too distant future (speed of the network allowing, especially outside of the USA).

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