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BXXP: the successor of HTTP?

BXXP: the successor of HTTP?

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A new communication technology proposed by one of the most prolific authors of some Internet-related technologies is generating a lot of interest within the community of web-related companies. The BXXP (Block Extensible Exchange Protocol) the idea of ??Marshall Rose, an expert in the management of networks, messages and directory services and that, among other things, one of the characters that has contributed to writing many key protocols in the Internet world, including POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3), SMTP (Simple Message Transfer Protocol) and SNMP. The latest "creature" from Rose is a generic use framework that allows you to create internet applications based on protocols and that can be used as an alternative to the now old HTTP used to browse web pages. This new protocol should allow drastically reduce the time needed to prototype and build Internet-based applications thanks to special techniques that allow reusability of the code and data exchange between systems.BXXXP essentially a toolkit with which developers can quickly build protocols for a whole series of applications such as instant messaging, file transfer, content negotiation, network management, meta-data exchange. Since it exploited a peer-to-peer architecture, the BXXP represents an excellent base for the creation of protocols with which to manage applications distributed in file-sharing (eg: Gnutella, iMesh and Freenet). Among the most interesting features of the BXXP the possibility of carrying more data simultaneously in units called "channels". With this system, a user can, for example, chat and transfer files simultaneously, directly using the application that manages the network connection. The BXXP works on TCP as an alternative to HTTP or other proprietary protocols, and uses XML as a means of transporting information (the latter can in any case be of any type: images, data or texts). HTTP born mainly as a protocol for the transfer of hypertext documents and ideal for web browsing but it is not the best choice if necessary, for example, to transfer XML data. Furthermore, HTTP does not support simultaneous exchanges between users (for this type of application, the developers have actually created proprietary protocols). The BXXP does not supersede HTTP in all respects but can be used when it is necessary to develop new application protocols. The Invisible Worlds, a new company created by Marshall Rose (55 employees and 12 million dollars in financing) will launch new products based on on BXXP starting next year. (Edited by Mauro Notarianni)

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