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Blaze Tab, the tablet for retrogaming

The technical features are not revolutionary, but they will suffice for most games. And the frame includes all the necessary checks


Vintagepresto video game enthusiasts will have a new Android tablet to dedicate themselves to interminable sessions of Galaga, Doom and company. It's called Blaze Tab, it arrives from the English retailer and will be available online after the summer at the price of 140 euros.

The technical characteristics they are quite scarce if compared to today's standards (the processor in particular dated and not really powerful), but they are still sufficient to run on the tablet and on the TV connected in HDMI all the most famous games: starting from the era of the legendary Commodore 64 and ending with the masterpieces of the original PlayStation, of the Nintendo 64 and of Sega Dreamcast, passing through all the arcade titles released until the late 90s. The key feature of the tablet for another: a complete set of controls, positioned on the sides of the 7-inch display, which includes two analogue sticks, a directional pad, four front and four rear buttons.


Despite the effort of the manufacturer in proposing his Blaze Tab as a retrogamer device, however, consider that There are no games included in the 16GB of memory on the tablet. The apps must in fact be purchased separately: both when there are officers, and if it is decided to get the games by cross streets.


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