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Apple, the iPad Air Plus could arrive in the spring

Voices on the net have released details on the features of the new version of the Apple tablet

iPad Air 2 compared with iPad Air (Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

We were expecting it by the end of the year, but it seems that we will not have in our hands theiPad Air Plus (or Pro)until next spring. The news was reported by the Japanese magazine Mac Fan, along with further leaks on some details of the Apple branded tablet.

The Japanese magazine has also published a series of documents relating to the tablets coming up. According to the unofficial information released, the new version of iPad Air (large 305.31 x 220.8 x 7 mm and with 12-inch display) will have a microchip processor A9 and four built-in speakers, for a quality of stereo sound in any position you rotate the tablet.

According to Mac Fan, Apple is putting its new gadget on the marketbetween April and June next, lagging behind forecasts. In fact, as we told you, the times for the realization of the tablets have expanded as a consequence of the priority given by Cupertino to the massive production of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


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