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Apple loses share in true wireless wearables but remains in command

The AirPods have become the reference wireless earphones for a rather large number of users: Apple dominates the market for true wireless wearables, and even the recent decline does not seem to have changed the order of things. Here's what the latest market figures say.

According to a new report by Counterpoint Research, Apple's AirPods are still leading the wearable wireless devices segment, although the Cupertino multinational has lost market share due to constantly increasing competition.

According to the report, over 33 million true wireless devices were sold by the third quarter of 2019, an increase of 22% compared to the second quarter. The United States is responsible for 31% of sales in the entire category, exceeding for the first time the 10 million units sold in a single quarter.

wearables true wireless - review airpods proAirPods Pro compared to Airpods 1

In the last quarter, Apple accounted for 53% of wireless headset sales, while now its market share has dropped to 45%. Samsung, one of Apple's main competitors in the smartphone industry, holds only 6% of the market for true wireless handheld devices, which puts it in third place, after the Chinese brand Xiaomi, which stood out for having reached 9%, also thanks to cheap devices.

Since the survey refers to the third quarter of 2019, the results do not yet include sales of the new AirPods Pro. But according to Counterpoint Research, demand for second-generation AirPods increased. Apple also stands out for the Beats brand of true wireless wearables, as Powerbeats Pro had favorable reviews from consumers. The Beats brand, on its own, is fifth on the list.

In recent months, both Amazon and Microsoft have entered the wireless earpiece market, respectively with Amazon Echo Buds and Microsoft Surface Earbuds. This figure, combined with many other Chinese competitors, should make the competition more and more fierce.

Apple loses altitude in the field of true wireless wearables, but still remains in command

Liz Lee, senior analyst at Counterpoint Research, believes that consumers will increasingly look for true wireless wearables, thanks to the convenience they offer. The elimination of inconvenient wires, sophisticated designs with advanced features such as active noise cancellation are proving a significant incentive to purchase.

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