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Apple calls teachers and students: new programming courses are starting

Apple has renewed "Planning is for everyone", the course that allows to approach elementary and middle school students in the world of the code. The new program now offers more resources for teachers, a new student guide and updated Swift Coding Club materials. The course is also optimized for VoiceOver, technology awarded in recent years by American Foundation for the Blind, with subtitled videos, audio and video descriptions in American sign language.

Moreover, anyone who wants to learn to write the first lines of code can subscribe to Free Today at Apple sessions on the programming to be held during the month of December in the Apple Store. The interactive sessions are free and designed to enable all participants to approach coding, regardless of their level of experience. Some Apple Stores will also offer special sessions for people of all ages.

For the seventh year, Apple will support the Code Hour with a new one Hour of Code Facilitator Guide, designed to help teachers and parents organize sessions with Swift Playgrounds, an app that lets you learn how to program landed on the App Store in 2016, and other educational applications.

The course Develop in SwiftFinally, it provides techniques and practical tools necessary to access qualified and required jobs and is dedicated to users with more advanced needs, both for beginners with the code, and for those who already have experience. The course also allows you to obtain a certification.

We remind you that Apple has been actively engaged in training applications development for years. Besides these activities in the Apple Store, in fact, for four years it has activated a Developer Academy at theFederico II University of Naples which allows students to gain vast practical experience, coding and software development skills, as well as attending courses designed to gain knowledge and confidence in the creation of startups and the design of apps.