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Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio MY 2020: lots of technology and new infotainment

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio update to Model Year 2020. If aesthetically the differences are almost non-existent, there are important innovations in terms of on-board technology, interior design and range organization.


The multimedia system is equipped with a new display: the diagonal remains the same, 8.8 ", but now it is touch screen. It is standard on the whole range. The graphic interface has a simpler and more intuitive style, and is organized using the paradigm of widget – each user can customize the layout with his own commands and the functions he prefers. A side swipe is enough to access the secondary pages, which manage in detail tools such as air conditioning, speakerphone, music and multimedia, and DNA driving adjustments. However, the physical knob remains available, if the driver prefers.

Integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is planned, as was already the case in the previous generation. Another important addition: the additional 7 "TFT display mounted in the center of the instrument panel, which allows the driver to keep an eye on much more important information. The car can be connected to the internet and exploit the various Alfa Connect Services, which include:

  • My Assistant – rapid call for help in the event of an accident.
  • My Car– control of statistical and diagnostic data of the car.
  • My Fleet Manager – fleet management
  • My Navigation – remote search for destinations and points of interest, speed camera mapping and much more. The planned trip via smartphone can be sent quickly to the car.
  • My Remote – management of certain functions from smartphone or smartwatch such as lights, door opening / closing, vehicle location and monitoring of parameters such as speed and position.
  • My Theft Assistance – notification in case of attempted theft
  • My Wi-Fi – creates a hotspot to which all passengers can connect.

Some services are already available in current cars, others will arrive in the next year. Alfa Connect is compatible with i voice commands by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


Thanks to new ADAS, Giulia and Stelvio MY 2020 obtain the level 2 autonomous guide – or when the driver can leave the car to control the accelerator, steering and brake in certain conditions (the rumors spoke of level 3). Here's what comes:

  • Active Cruise Control: automatically adjusts the cruising speed to maintain a safe distance with the vehicle in front. In combination with signage recognition, it can adjust the speed according to the limits in force.
  • Assistance driver attention: acoustic warning in case drowsiness is detected.
  • Assistance for highway and traffic jams: keeps the car in the middle of the lane on motorways and during traffic jams.
  • Blind spot assistance: it allows you to always have a view of the blind spots in the rear of the car, with signaling of any incoming vehicles. The system can also correct the steering to avoid an accident.
  • Lane Keeping Assist: warns with acoustic signals and haptic feedback if the car is leaving its lane without having set the arrows
  • Signage recognition and intelligent speed control: the on-board camera is able to recognize the speed limits indicated in the road signs. The limit is shown on the display in the dashboard.


The model year 2020 of the sports sedan and the first SUV of the Biscione offer important innovations as regards the interiors. In particular:

  • Redesigned central console with wireless charging top for smartphones and larger storage compartments.
  • New gear lever upholstered in leather and with LED lights.
  • Rotary Knob (knob to manage the infotainment) with more precise feedback and a more robust construction.
  • New style for the steering wheel, customized according to the settings and with space for the controls to manage autonomous driving.


The following are the main advantages of each set-up:

  • Entry level
  • Super: Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, larger alloy wheels
  • Business: Active Cruise Control and access to the car without a key
  • Sprint: starting point for sports equipment, with aluminum finishes
  • Executive: ADAS level 1, leather upholstery, even larger alloy wheels
  • You: ADAS level 2, wood inserts, seats in fine leather
  • Fast: special leather seats, all ADAS and alloy wheels with a dedicated design and maximum radius.

Both cars will be on sale from the beginning of 2020. For now we have no price details.