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15 fantastic games like Age of Empires that you can play

With seven titles released, Age of Empires sits comfortably on the throne when it comes to the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game genre since 1997. The game covers ages from the gritty age of stone to the ruthless age of iron in various settings such as Asia, Europe and Africa.

Age of Empires is based on players who form their army, manage resources, build their empire and wage war against opponents to conquer them. The game allows a player all the freedom to walk his own path and decide how they want to conquer the game world. The smarter you are, the bigger your threat becomes for your enemies.

If you're trying to get into strategy games or you're just looking for a similar experience to sink your teeth into, then you've come to the right place. Here is our list of 15 fantastic games similar to Age of Empires:

1. Age of Mythology

Ensemble Studios, which created Age of Empires, decided to create one derived series based on mythological beliefs . Unlike Age of Empires, which is based on historical events, this game takes place in Atlantis and focuses on the famous Greek, Egyptian and Norse myths and legends.

Just like Age of Empires, the formula of building an army, the management of resources and the conquest of opposing civilizations remains the main objective of the game. The player must choose and play from one of the three civilizations: Greek, Egyptian and Norwegian. Every civilization has its religion and culture. The game allows you to choose your major God, based on your chosen empire and as you advance towards the next age, minor divinity breakouts that give players special abilities.

Availablity: Steam ($ 29, 99)

2. Year online

Anno online a free browser-based real-time strategy game, created by Ubisoft that allows players not only to build their own city but to manage their economic processes. The player's goal is to build and expand their country and defend it against rivals when requested.

In addition to building your country from scratch, the game also features other aspects such as combat, exploration, diplomacy and commerce. If you are a student of economics, you have a great excuse to play this game before completing your homework … for research, of course.

Availablity: Browser (free)

3. Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 the second installment in the Starcraft series, a space-focused RTS game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game set in a science fiction universe of the 26th century, where the focus on one galactic struggle between four different species for the total domination of the universe. The game was divided into three parts during development to tell a complete story.

Offers a non-linear gameplay, in which the player chooses to play as one of the three known species such as Protoss, Terran and Zerg. The main game "Wings of Liberty" offers the story of Terran, while the two expansion packs offer the stories of Protoss and Zerg.

In the game, you take total control of your units and are required to find the best strategies with the resources given to survive this intergalactic war.

Availablity: ($ 39, 99)

4. Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations developed by Big Huge Games and presents 18 civilizations and 8 epochs of world history. constantly classified and considered one of the best games of all time in the genre of real-time strategy.

The key element of the Rise of Nations gameplay focused on concept of "territory" . The area near the player's settlements considered their territory, and players can build several buildings only within their territory or their friends. "

The aim of the player is to progress and advance towards the most modern era in order to gain access to better weapons and attack their opponents more efficiently, both to conquer them and to eliminate them completely.

Availablity: Steam ($ 19, 99)

5. Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Command & Conquer based on the Westwood strategy game called Dune 2. The most important aspect of this series is its focus on the campaigns of various factions in a single central plot.

Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances a military strategy game with MMO elements . The player must choose their sector in the world to start, from there they begin to build and grow their military base. The game allows the player to build buildings, collect resources and engage in battles against enemy camps to survive and thrive.

Availablity: Origin (free)

6. Empire Earth

Similar to the Age of Empires series, Empire Age is a real-time strategy game based on history. With over 500,000 years of world history, the game starts from a prehistoric era and ends at the nano-et . The game requires players to collect resources to build buildings, populate their civilizations with citizens and conquer opposing civilizations. The game also includes a complete map editor to allow players to create their empires in whatever design they desire.

One of the most unique and innovative systems of the game is the "Morale" system, which influences the individual statistics of the units. Another new concept that the game offers its "Hero" system. Heroes can be built in the city center or in the capital. There are two types of heroes, strategic heroes who care for the surrounding units and can demoralize the enemy units while the heroes of the warriors give moral to the surrounding units and have greater attack power.

Availablity: GoG ($ 5, 99)

7. Warcraft III

Warcraft III a high-end real-time strategy game fantasy developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game offers a broad story campaign and a multiplayer component. The world map of Warcraft III has large fields, with beautiful lands like mountains, rivers, seas and cliffs.

Players are required to establish settlements in order to obtain useful resources, defend themselves from other players and train units to explore the map and attack AI enemies. There are three main resources in the game: gold, lumber and food that players demand for build buildings and combat units .

Availablity: ($ 9, 99)

8. Empire

Empire a real-time strategy game, free to play, with great multiplayer online gaming elements. The title developed by Good Game Studios set in a medieval era, where the players build slowly the their empire from scratch and turn it into a juggernaut that enemy players would think twice before attacking.

The objective is to build castles, trade with other players, train an army and conquer your enemies. Maintain full control of your units, build a position, invent combat techniques and think about your combat strategies, what Empire requires you to reach and reach.

Availablity: GoodGame (free)

9. The settlers online

Developed by BlueBite, The Settlers is a free browser-based real-time strategy game that has some in-game purchases. The Settlers Online introduces new features and improvements. equipped with a world in which players must collect resources and complete game missions for build their medieval kingdom where they can capture territories and explore.

The game inspired by the famous Settlers series, but the realm e online elements MMO add another level of depth to the concept. The game offers a lot of content to unlock, tons of levels to cross, various fields of bandits to cancel, and interaction with human players in the world, with which we can make friends or fight a war.

Availablity: Browser (free)

10. Etherium

Set in the futuristic universe in which three different empires they fight on planets full of resources, which contain rich deposits of aether, an extremely powerful resource that every empire needs.

The game developed by Tindalos Interactive and offers both multiplayer and player campaigns. Players can take control of any of the empires of their choice, fight against other factions, in order to guarantee total control of the mysterious ethereal resource and build their empire to be the most powerful on the planet.

Availablity: Steam ($ 14, 99)

11. Stronghold Crusader

Even if the game follows it same gameplay scheme as the first Stronghold game, unlike its predecessor, Stronghold Crusader set in the Middle East during the Crusades and presents new Arab units.

Because of the Middle East setting, farms can only be built on grass with limited oasis, which creates a rivalry among players fighting for the limited amount of farmland and resources. In addition to farms, there are other resources to be collected, such as iron ore, quarry and marshes. These resources are deposited in their reserves and players can sell or use these resources for better defense against attacks .

Availablity: Steam ($ 49, 99)

12. Homeworld

Homeworld a strategy game in time real set in space and offers players a real-time strategy experience packed with stories . The game follows the story in which the Kushan race exiled from the planet Kharak, after the home planet was destroyed by their enemies called Taiidan Empire in retaliation for the development of hyperspace jump technology. In their quest to rebuild and reclaim their ancient homeworld of Hiigara from the Taiidan, players encounter various pirates, merchants, mercenaries, allies and rebels along the way.

The player must collect resources, build a fleet and use it to destroy enemy ships and perform different missions. The game also includes single player mode and multiplayer modes.

The campaign led by a single player divided into levels. We see artistic scenes hand-drawn in black and white with voiceovers to support the story during all 16 levels that the game offers.

Availablity: Steam ($ 34, 99)

13. 0 AD

0 AD a free, open source and multiplatform real-time strategy game, still under development by Wildfire Games. The game set between 500 BC and 1 BC for the first part and a second part planned for the years from 1 to 500 AD

0 AD allows players to build their base and train their army . The game also includes other elements such as combat and technological research. It offers twelve different civilizations, each of the civilizations best represented. During the game, the player does not advance in time, but from the village phase to the city phase to the city phase. The phases represent the dimensions of the settlements in history. Each phase unlocks new units, buildings and technologies.

Availablity: Browser (free)

14. MegaGlest

Set in a fantasy world, MegaGlest is a free open source game in the real-time strategy genre.

The game set in a fantastic world with seven factions: Magic, Tech, Indians, Egypt, Norsemen, Persian and Roman, which together form the group called "Megapack". Each faction has its own set of units, buildings and upgrades, pros and cons. The element of mix and move different elements in the game it makes the variation in the strategy and also does a good job in keeping the gameplay well balanced.

Thanks to the possibility to easily modify the engine, MegaGlest can play with a variety of mods created by the players and total conversions, covering very different themes.

Availablity: Browser (free)

15. Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III presents the setting of a fantastic world, in which the player becomes the leader of a kingdom and explores the world while interacting with other kingdoms and different races. The player should face different situations both diplomatically and through war to lead the kingdom to prosperity.

Although Age of Wonders is a turn-based strategy game, it's worth catching the incredibly detailed fantasy universe. Players must explore the world map, slowly build their empire through colonization and conquer through war and diplomacy against rival empires.

In addition to the game's meat, that's his single-story campaign based on history, the game also supports online and local multiplayer modes as well as a very detailed and complete level editor.

Availablity: Steam ($ 29, 99)

Some incredible games similar to Age of Empires

All the games listed above are considered the best strategy games of all time. Each game offers a unique setting and / or gameplay elements that make them unique in their kind. These games not only contribute, but have also helped revitalize the genre of real-time strategy, which deserves much more love and attention from the players. So if you like Age of Empires, you will surely love these games.