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Young people are abandoning Facebook, seriously

Young people are abandoning Facebook, the data confirm this. The latest data suggest that the number of young people aged 13 to 17 using Facebook has dropped by 10 million since January, a decline of around 6.5%.

Young people are really abandoning Facebook, users in that age group are decreasing, even though the Cambridge Analytica database does not seem to have influenced the growth trends in the overall number of Facebook users.

Here if you want to deepen there are the2018 social network statistics: all data on Italy and world users.

Facebook grows, but not with young people

The platform registered one 3.2% growth of active monthly users since the beginning of 2018, with the Facebook advertising tool that recorded a total of 2.234 billion global users at the end of March. In particular, it means that 67 million of people have started using Facebook in the last 3 months only.

young people are abandoning facebook

This growth seems to be fairly linear all over the world, even in the countries most affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

10 million Americans started using Facebook between January and March, achieving a 4% increase in just 3 months.

The United Kingdom has seen 1 million new Facebook users over the same period of time, up 2% from the previous quarter.

However, Facebook is experiencing even faster growth.

India has added 20 million new Facebook accounts since the beginning of the year (+ 8%), while Indonesia has seen an increase of 10 million users (also by 8% here).

Among the top 10 countries on Facebook, 9 saw positive data growth between January and March, with only Brazil remaining stable at 130 million users

young people are abandoning facebook

C 'for a last series of numbers reveals some bad news for Zuckerberg and his team.

official: young people are really leaving Facebook

Often the media has reported that young people are "abandoning" Facebook, but this is the first time in the last 7 years that Facebook numbers confirm this idea.

The latest data suggest that the number of young people aged 13 to 17 using Facebook has dropped by 10 million since January, a decline of around 6.5%.

young people are abandoning facebook

However, it is worth noting that Facebook rounds the numbers back to this level up to the nearest 10 million, so it is likely that the actual decline is less than 10 million (for example, a drop from 176 to 174 million users would have reported anyway the same figures).

Using social media: more elderly people on Facebook

The good news for Menlo Park's team is that the drop in adolescent users has been more than offset by impressive growth among older users.

Facebook has added 17 million users aged 45 or over in the last three months, with 3 million of them aged 65 or over.

The average age of active Facebook users is still under 30, but things change from day to day, especially considering the changes among the younger users we mentioned above.

young people are abandoning facebook

Young people are abandoning Facebook: in the 13-17 age group 10 million fewer users

What (and who) likes Facebook users?

Cristiano Ronaldo has the page with more likes on Facebook, with over 120 million "fans" (note that this figure could include users who are no longer active on the platform). Ronaldo's team, Real Madrid, occupies second place in the ranking of Facebook pages, with almost 107 million likes. Shakira, FC Barcelona and Vin Diesel have even surpassed 100 million likes on Facebook, while sports, music and movies dominate the rest of the top 20.

2018 social network statistics: Most popular Facebook pages

1 CRISTIANO RONALDO Athlete 122490000
2 REAL MADRID C.F. Team 107680000
3 SHAKIRA Singer 103420000
4 FC BARCELONA Team 103240000
5 VIN DIESEL Actor 100320000
6 TASTY Average 93340000
7 LEO MESSI Athlete 89610000
8 EMINEM Singer 89260000
9 YOUTUBE Service 83740000
10 RIHANNA Singer 80950000
11 MR BEAN Character 78450000
12 JUSTIN BIEBER Singer 78340000
13 WILL SMITH Actor 77040000
14 MICHAEL JACKSON Singer 73920000
15 MANCHESTER UNITED Team 73720000

2018 Facebook statistics: most followed pages, Digital Source in 2018

However, despite these impressive numbers, some data from the platform's Insights tool shows that the typical Facebook user clicked like on a single page.

This is a median figure (as opposed to an average), but significant enough that most people do not seem to be particularly interested in filling their own feed Facebook with celebrity updates or sports teams, not to mention brand or government updates.

Interestingly, the same dataset shows that the typical Facebook user clicks 10 Facebook ads every month, with women clicking on 12 paid posts in the average 30-day period.

young people are abandoning facebook

women are more likely to click "like" more than men. Facebook reports that the typical female user likes 13 posts a month, compared to only 9 for men.

women are also more likely to comment on Facebook content than men, with a median of 7 comments per month, compared to 4 for men.

However, nobody shares posts very often; the latest data suggests that the typical user performs this action only once a month.

The reach and engagement on Facebook fall

These insights into the activities of "typical" users of Facebook add a useful context to the latest data on user involvement. The average involvement decreased.

The company's data suggests that Facebook's reach is decreasing even faster. For once, however, the Facebook algorithm is probably not the main cause of these strong declines.

Advertising expenditure on Facebook Pages is decreasing

Locowise data shows that a 13% fewer pages invested in paid media in the first three months of 2018 compared to 2017 as a whole, probably due to ongoing concerns about the Cambridge Analytica business.

The organic flow has seen a smaller drop of "only" 10 percent in the same period – from 8.0 percent to 7.2 percent – which reinforces the hypothesis that the biggest dent in the general scope in the first quarter was the result of a reduction in paid media support.

2018 social network statistics: all data on Italy and world users