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Whatsapp prohibited for children under 16, but only in appearance

Whatsapp prohibited for children under 16: the app has raised the minimum expected to use the messaging service from 13 to 16 years old. The change that seems to be sober could only be so in appearance. How will the checks be done? Baster self-declaration?

Whatsapp prohibited for children under 16:the app has in fact raised the minimum expected to use the messaging service, going from 13 to 16 years, in short, the terms of service change Europe to comply with the new Privacy legislation, but probably only in appearance, everything will depend on how the data will be made age checks and if they will be done.

Whatsapp prohibited for children under 16 years

Whatsapp prohibited for children under 16, but how will the checks be done?

Whatsapp prohibited for children under 16 in Europe for the GDPR

The decision to prohibit the use of Whatsapp ai under 16s derives from the application of the new European standards on data protection the famous GDPR that will enter in force on May 25th and which provides for several new protections for European users, and establishes, for example, that children under 16 cannot give consent to the processing of your data.

Whatsapp now I want 16 years to use it

For all those who reside in Europe Whatsapp will explicitly request to confirm that you are at least 16 years old, regardless of whether the app is already installed or is being installed for the first time.

You must also accept the new terms of service and information on privacy. The minimum age to use Whatsapp will remain 13 for the rest of the world. It is not yet clear whether age control will simply be a self-reporting process or if the app does any verification.

Whatsapp prohibited to children under 16 to comply with the GDPR

As regards adolescents, the GDPR introduces a new provision relating to personal data – establishing a 16-year age limit to allow children to give their consent to the processing of their data – even if it allows individual countries to establish a lower age, staring for a impassable limit to 13 years.

WhatsApp for has chosen not to change the age limit according to the individual country, for not having problems and not having to customize the app for the age bracket based on the limits set by the individual EU countries. So you need at least 16 years to use it across Europe.

Whatsapp prohibition to children under 16, only in appearance

Whatsapp has decided not to complicate your life and to adopt the whole of Europe on 16-year limit, without lowering it for those countries that will set it at 15 or 14 because it knows so much this ban will not be a limit. sure that teenagers who are lovers of WhatsApp will have no problem eluding the new age limit, so that there are no real risks to their business because teenagers will ignore the rules.

How Whatsapp enforce the age limits

Not clear if WhatsApp will work hard for enforce the age limit and what to do besides asking users to declare that they have at least 16 and give this statement. So while on paper the required minimum of 16 years seems to be a big problem, the change could do little to really protect teenagers from being the subject of data collection by the messaging giant

Whatsapp must inform users about their data

But it is not just the minimum age of 16 to use the service, the real change that emerges from the new data protection law that Europeans now have "the right to know what data is stored on them and the right to have it deleted ".

Whatsapp, you can download a report with all the data that the app has about us

For this WhatsApp will now allow users to download a report that details the type of data that the app has on them.

With the recent scandal over the use of Cambridge Analytica Facebook data, European control over the social media giant and related services has increased dramatically. This combined with the new GDPR law will force companies like Facebook to be more transparent about data collection.

Different choices on the minimum to use Facebook

Facebook will continue to have a separate data processing policy from Whatsapp and in terms of age requirements, it is taking a slightly different approach. You can use Facebook for ages 13 and up, but if you are between 13 and 15, you will be requested of nto name a parent or guardian giving permission to share information on Social Media.