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What is the digital transformation?

As you move from a sheet of paper to spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel or intelligent applications for managing your business, you can imagine how you can or can do business. At the same time, customers can be involved in new initiatives, thanks to the digital technology introduced into their processes.

For small businesses that have started recently, there is no need to set up business processes and then transform them later. You can bring your company into a future-proof vision from the first steps. Build a company with a vision towards the 21st century, using books, paper records and other non-sustainable archaic equipment. Thinking, planning and building digitally allows companies to be agile, flexible and ready to grow.

While they take all the necessary steps to complete their digital transformation, many companies often tend to take steps back to understand if they are really doing the right things.

Digital transformation begins and ends with the customer

Before seeing how and what involves transforming your company, it is good to answer a fundamental question: what is the difference between digitalisation and digital transformation?

We went from collecting information in paper folders to using computers for this and other workflow operations. There are many realities that convert all documents into digital files. This is called digitalization: the process of converting information from analog to digital.

Finding and sharing information has become much easier once it is digitized. Although digital files in the company have been used for a long time, the business processes that saw them involved did not always see a different use than the analog era that saw the maximum expression of its technology in finding, sharing and using information.

Digitization uses digital data to simplify work

The process of using digitized information to make consolidated working methods simpler and more efficient is called digitization. Digitization does not involve a series of changes in doing business. This is a variation in the way of working that leads to accessing data faster.

With the evolution of digital technology, more and more people have started to generate ideas to use business technology in new ways, and not just to do the actions that were done until the previous day in a faster way. here the idea of ??digital transformation has begun to take shape. Thanks to new technologies, a series of actions could have been started that were impossible before.

Digital transformation adds value to every interaction with the customer

There digital transformation the way in which the work in each company evolves is changing. In some cases, creating completely new types of companies. With digital transformation, companies are taking a step backwards to be able to understand and revisit all the actions that take place every day. From internal systems to customer interactions both online and in person.

Digitization has given Netflix the ability not only to transmit video content where and how best to prefer a customer. It also offered the possibility of having a 360-degree view of the habits and all the viewing preferences of users who use that service.

Use this data to modify the service offered, so that the user experience is always the best possible and you can create increasingly targeted products. This digital transformation into action. The available technologies are exploited to best address the functioning of a company.