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Vote, vote, vote

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There are also Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak among the candidates to enter the Computer Museum of America's Hall Of Fame. The institution that takes care of the cultural and historical heritage that gave rise to the information technology revolution has in fact opened votes to add more five members to the most significant group of personalities that currently amounts to five. At the moment in the Hall of Fame there are characters like Charles Babbage, who invented the "Analytical Engine" considered one of the progenitors of the modern computer, Seymour Cray, inventor of the Cray supercomputer, Lee Felsenstein, moderator of the first computer enthusiast club, his mother of Cobol Grace Hopper (and first to have found a "bug", a real bug, stuck between the solenoids of the giant computer Mark I) and Bill Gates inventor of … well, you know. The vote open to the public, everyone can participate. The official appointment will take place in September, during a ceremony to be held in San Diego

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