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Vodafone celebrates TOBi: 2 days of unlimited GIGA for users with rechargeable SIM

Tobi, Vodafone's digital assistant, is 2 years old. And just like it did for his first anniversary, he has a gift in store for those who decide to wish him: 2 days of unlimited data traffic (only for navigation on the national territory on APN,, and, with the GIGA of the promotion that will be consumed with priority over those of your active offer, and will therefore allow you not to damage your own data traffic tank.

The promotion is called "Infinito 2 days", and it is available for all Vodafone users with rechargeable SIM. Following the request made by the customer, the activation takes place as usual within the next 48 hours, and basically allows as the name suggests to have available 2 days free of Vodafone Infinito (which we talked about in detail), at the end of which the offer took place will deactivate automatically.

But the most curious is the activation procedure. No dry procedures or text messages, to benefit from the generosity of TOBi it will be necessary first to wish him well. What do you mean? It will serve, literally, contact the digital assistant of Vodafone and instead of submitting to it our technical problem, just write "wishes". If you are afraid of contributing to flooding it with messages, do not worry: it has long been able to handle 10 million monthly conversations.

It's possible interact with TOBi not only through the My Vodafone app that originally hosted it for the first time, but also on the official website, from December last year on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, RCS messages on Android and, for those who wanted us to give them their best wishes, even with devices that support Amazon Alexa.