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Virgilio Mail on iPhone: how to configure it

Virgilio Mail address

Virgilio e-mail among the most well-known e-mail services used in the online communication scenario. Like all mail services, Virgilio email can also be used easily from your browser on your home computer. If you are not yet provided, just register on the official website Virgilio email and open a new free email account.

Virgilio Mail on iPhone

But it is not always possible to read mail from home. Most of the time, we need to read an email when we're out, and in this case it's really convenient to have the ability to read or send a Virgil email from your mobile device. If you are reading this guide, surely you are owner of an iOS device and you will want to know how configure Virgilio Mail mobile on iPhone or iPad.

Configure a Virgilio mail account not always intuitive on an iPhone, if not for a few services already preset. Not the case of Virgilio mail, which must be configured manually, having to enter the server data as well. Configure Virgil's mail on iOS the purpose of this guide, discovering how to do it both through the internal iOS client procedure and through the official Virgilio mobile app.

The Virgilio server configuration data can also be found in a previous guide, useful for configuring Virgilio mail on any e-mail client:

while in this guide we will see how to enter the access data in your iPhone. Read on to find out the procedure, which becomes simple if you follow this guide step by step.

Virgil on the iPhone with the Mail client

Follow these steps to set up your Virgilio email on iPhone using the Mail client you find on iOS.

Mail Virgil on the iPhone

Go to Setting on your iPhone or iPad and select Account and password. Go to Add account and from the next screen, immediately notice that Virgilio does not appear in the list. Then you have to select Other that you find at the end of the list. From here select Add Mail account and finally the page appears to insert the first data.

Add Mail account

Fill out the form with the following information:

First name: your name

E-mail: your email Virgilio

Password: the password of your Virgilio Mail account

Description: give a name to your account (eg. Virgil)

After filling in all the data, click on Come on that you find in the upper right corner to go to the next page.

Virgilio account parameters

On this new page you will have to enter the Virgilio account parameters as in the previous image:

Incoming mail server (IMAP)

Host name:

SMTP outgoing mail server

Host name:

After entering all the data, click on Next at the top right and you are ready to start receiving and sending mail from Virgilio's account on the iPhone.

Virgil on the iPhone with the official app

The other option to manage Virgil's mail on the iPhone and iPad is the Virgilio mobile app for smartphones or tablets, so as to also receive notifications when new emails arrive. Download the official Virgilio client on iPhone and iPad from the following link:

DOWNLOAD |Virgilio Mail address(iPhone or iPad)

The advantage of the Virgilio mobile app is that you don't have to enter the configuration data for incoming and outgoing mail. After downloading it to your device, when it opens, it asks you to enter only your Virgilio email and the account password you entered when you registered on the site. For the rest, everything is already configured and ready to receive and send Virgilio emails.

Virgilio mail app

The use of the Virgilio app has the advantage of simplicity of configuration, but from the experience of the users, we note that this app is not the maximum speed and it happens that it hangs very often. For these reasons, I believe that the first option is to be preferred. The iOS Mail client is not complete but is quite fast.