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To sue Microsoft the line starts here

"The line to sue Microsoft starts here." The title really significant on what is happening in the US to the detriment of Microsoft's ZDNet and gives a good idea of ??the consequences that the IT giant is facing. . On Microsoft's tracks there are dozens of professionals, individuals and associates representing tens of thousands of Windows users. Their objective is to bring the Redmond company to trial with the accusation of having damaged individual users and obtaining adequate compensation for each of them. It would be a few tens of dollars for each customer that multiplied by hundreds of thousands of Windows users, customers and competitors of Microsoft make millions of dollars of which a significant percentage would end up in the pockets of the same lawyers. According to a practice in use in the United States in fact, causes of this kind cost nothing to those who have suffered the offense, but a part of the compensation is destined to pay the work of the lawyers. Cinema lovers will remember "The Man of the Rain" a film with Danny De Vito who well describes this philosophy. A young lawyer is hired to bring to trial in a case that seems desperate for a large insurance company that does not want to pay a premium to the family of a young man who died from an incurable disease. The lawyer vincer and will bring billions to the young man's family, but also to his law firm, millions of dollars. And millions of dollars, the very figure that each of the law firms in lizza wants to snatch from Microsoft. An attempt that should not be too difficult, indeed very easy, offered on a silver platter. There are no investigative fees to pay (everything has already been done by the Department of Justice) and there is even a ruling by a federal judge. In short, what's easier? Just collect an adequate number of plaintiffs and the game is done. For Microsoft, instead, it really is a nice headache. Although a previous ruling has established that the reimbursement will not apply to subcontractors of the Windows user license (those who purchased the pre-installed operating system), there remain hundreds of thousands who have purchased, for example, Windows95, not to mention of the hundreds of large companies that, with a large installed base, could make claims for millions of dollars or computer manufacturers, even those who failed today, who could take advantage of the opportunity. According to a recent study, there are already 140 pending trials in 39 states. Some of these could have little hope of success due to formal vices, inexperience in the sector by lawyers, specious requests, but most of them end up snatching the millions of dollars mentioned above. In total, according to the study we mentioned, the monopolistic practices could cost Microsoft a few thousand billion, enough to make the manager of the financial operations of the Redmond company tremble also because, since the misfortunes never come by themselves, the company of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, could not count on the coverage of its insurance company. Zurich American Insurance Co., in fact, the company that covers for Microsoft this particular type of events, has itself challenged the sentence of Jackson and sued Microsoft in court accusing it of "wanting to divert the consequences of its conduct on Zurich by demanding that it bear the costs of defense in the anti-trust trials and the potential costs of compensation. Zurich does not offer coverage for claims for damages arising from violations of anti-trust and other anti-competitive activities ". Microsoft in turn countered Zurich, claiming that, on the contrary, the insurance company must also cover the costs for this type of process. In short, it is a really good deal and it could become even more complicated if, as it seems, during the Zurich trial other insurance companies will also end up living there and, like Zurich itself, may not pay the consequences of Microsoft's monopoly practices.