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The motherboard poet

The motherboard poet

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On IEEE Spectrum the biography of John Rubenstein, now head of Apple's hardware sector, from the beginnings as a retailer of pieces of household appliances to his entry in Cupertino, going through the work done to one of the most ambitious projects of all time, and Ardent Titan supercomputer and the one at the NeXT Workstation. Among the most interesting details about his story at Apple the call to the company by Jobs when the latter was still only a consultant and the CEO was Amelio, the 11 months of hard work on what was called the "impossible project", iMac and its role as a protagonist in the strategic choices that have characterized Apple in recent years, from the choice of young engineers just out of the universities to the deletion of obsolete or non-standard technologies from Cupertino's motherboards . According to the IEEE Spectrum portrait, the current head of the hardware sector is then responsible for whether the new iMacs do not have a cooling fan and if they have been approved by the Federal Communications Commission even without the shielding of all other machines. "Perhaps c "only one Jobs in the United States – said Steve Blank, a friend of Rubinstein and his colleague in the ill-fated Ardent adventure – but there are no more than 10 Rubinsteins around". According to those who know the things about Apple well, the success of iMac n and the success of the G3 would have been possible without him. "Jobs believes that in the software there is poetry and in the hardware only dirty work, but Rubinstein has shown him that it is not so and that there can be creativity even in the hardware," says Blank. English, a reading certainly interested that helps to understand how behind Jobs there is a really capable team and that in Cupertino does not play a "one man band" To read the biography must use the login "ieeespectrum" and password " guest2000 ?to access the newspaper's website free of charge until April 30th.

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