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The Big Egg Hunt, egg-hunting with the beacon

In New York, Easter eggs are huge installations to look for thanks to an app and clues on social networks

If I say Easter egg hunt, game, fashion, design and technology what do you think about? Well, here's what's interesting about New York City in this day that brings together fashion, design, art and technology in a fun way. In the last two weeks the city was invaded by an army of 260 gigantic egg-shaped installations, involving tourists and locals in a real and true Easter hunt throughout the city, thanks to an app that uses beacon technology: The Big Egg Hunt NY.

Offline: Faberg inspired art and design

Needless to say, the inspiration for the Faberg eggs came as no surprise. Celebrities of the caliber of Jeff Koons, Diane von Furstenberg, Ralph Lauren or Warby Parker made their installations, which were then placed at various points in the city of New York so that people could find them. The same operation was done on a much smaller scale in London last year and was then taken to New York, expanding it.

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<p><b>Online: Beacon-powered app</b></p>
<p>Anyone (tourists, but also locals) can participate, discover and virtually break the egg found thanks to an app that provides a Google Map of egg locations and allows <strong>collect the eggs</strong> that is broken and open. The eggs are all equipped with beacons that send a signal to the app and allow the hunt done offline to be counted online.</p>
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The game

Of course, the hunt for eggs is aimed at the child in each of us adults. "The Big Egg Hunt NYC", as it was called the mobile game app developed by Saatchi and Saatchi, includes a prize that made people run around the city: a lottery that puts up for grabs over $ 125,000 in Faberg jewels. started last weekend and there are already over 214 thousand broken eggs, including that of Ralph Lauren discovered and traced by over 1400 explorers.

The app

really easy to use. Once downloaded you create your own profile that allows you to collect the open eggs, but also to interact with other fellow egg hunters looking for the treasure. quite simple and self-explanatory.

app eggs

If you are not traveling early to the Big Apple, you can always follow the action on social channels of course: the official Facebook page has beautiful images, but the Twitter hashtag #theBigEggHuntNYunited at #EggNumbers will allow you to see the clues as if you were l really.

One last thing. The purpose of the game is very clear: sell these facilities for charity. Sotheby's and Paddle8 online auction will auction off all the eggs in favor of the Elephant Family Charity.

Translation of Luigina Foggetti


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