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The 5 functions that make smartwatches better than smartphones

The smartwatch is useful, even better than the smartphone (in some cases). Here are 5 things the smartwatch does better than the smartphone

The smartwatch is useful, even better than the smartphone (in some cases). Here are 5 things that the smartwatch does better than the smartphone, if you still had some doubts about the real potential of wrist technology.

We take the phone out of our pocket 50 times a day, we use it to communicate but also to find information of any kind. But many functions can be replaced by another technological jewel, to be worn on the wrist: the smartwatch.

1 Mobile payments: the first generation of Apple Watch contains a chip capable of processing payments from the wrist, for the time being in combination with an iPhone 5S or 6, but soon the watch and phone can work independently for payments.

2 Video chat: an image takes life from the wrist, you can send and receive messages in real time. Numerous apps are being created for this, including Glide, which connects two smartphones or a smartphone with the smartwatch, waiting for the clocks to be equipped with cameras to get to real video chats.

3 Monitoring of children: parents will be able to stay in touch with their children all day long, although perhaps it is better to wait for smartwatch prices to fall below $ 200, to prevent children from taking off their watches or losing them. The smartwatch could integrate a heartbeat sensor, alerting if the heartbeat should remain sustained for a longer period of time than normal, which could mean a situation of danger or stress.

4 Public transport: in China the sector in which the smartwatch is most used. Passes can be loaded on it for fast access to buses, tracks and stations.

5 Identification and authentication: the smart watch can recognize my subscription to the gym, check the status of the flights at the airport (last September Apple announced an agreement with American Airlines for the wrist check-in), open and close the car (BMW is there already working), managing home automation with entrance door authentication (project on which Samsung focused) or acting as a key to the hotel room. And this is only the beginning.

Cecilia Cantadore

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