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That's why the new Nokia tablet is the same as the iPad mini

Nokia N1 was presented today with a design that closely resembles the mini tablet of the Apple. The builder the same, but only a coincidence

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With the announcement of the N1 tablet a few hours ago, Nokia surprised everyone. After the acquisition of his device division by the Americans of Microsoft, few imagined that the Espoo house would ever return to put its name on a smartphone or tablet. Let alone do it in such a short time, just a handful of days after the disappearance of the Finnish brand from Windows Lumia. How then did the historic North European home return to the game in such a short time? Simple: Nokia N1 Nokia didn't build it.

The tablet is in fact an almost exclusively Chinese affair. It will be marketed initially and will be produced and distributed by Foxconn, the eastern giant already responsible for assembling the iPhone and iPad series (as well as an avalanche of hi-tech products and components shipped worldwide). Nell'N1 Nokia has named us and despite the tremendous similarities with the Apple iPad Mini, the design too.

The latter is a detail that the company is keen to point out: the words that CTO Ramzi Haidamus spent on the presentation of N1 seem to be wanting to reassure anyone concerned that a brand with a decades-long reputation is about to sell out. This is really a product that one would expect from Nokia () We relied on our internal design team to be responsible for many successful products in the past and then we gave the result to Foxconn. Sar, but we almost have to do the game "find the differences" with the iPad (see the gallery above to believe).

So Axel Meyer, Nokia's Head of Emerging Platforms Design, defended the new tablet during the ongoing Slush conference in Helsinki.

Also for the future it will be better to put the heart in peace: it could be Foxconn or anyone else, but without a dedicated division it is difficult for Nokia to succeed in produce their own gadgets. And to those who are ready to foresee for this reason a systematic collapse of the construction quality and the design of the products, we can remember that the Chinese are not the first to manufacture products designed in the Espoo headquarters: the very admired lines of the glorious Lumia 800 are been turned into polycarbonate and silicon by the Taiwanese of Compal.

Speaking of phones for, it will be better to postpone the speech until 2016. As part of the agreement with Microsoft, Nokia has agreed to stay out of the smartphone arena until December of next year. The agreement signed left the tablets out: this explains why Nokia's first post-Microsoft product is not a phone, but a tablet.


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