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Telecom modem password (TIM): how to recover it

You have forgotten your home WiFi access password for the umpteenth time; now you are going crazy to recover it! Meanwhile, you have also forgotten the password to access the router settings panel, effectively closing you off from your own network. Don't panic: with some simple moves you can recover the Telecom modem password (now TIM) for both scenarios. Telecom wifi password or Telecom modem password no longer have any secrets. By following this guide you will be able to recover the secret code of your network if you have lost or forgotten it. You will never again be left out of your network and you will also be able to see how to enter the modem to access the setup panel!

Telecom modem password

Telecom wifi password

If you have lost your wireless network password, you can recover it in two different ways: by reading the router's back label or by accessing the router settings panel from a PC connected to the router via an Ethernet cable.

The first really easy method: take the Telecom Telecom modem and turn it until you find it label with the default settings of the Wi-Fi connection.

modem modem password 1

The password shown next to WPA-PSK. Obviously this password is valid if in the meantime you have not personally changed the password in the router settings.

The second method to recover the Telecom modem password requires a PC to be connected via Ethernet cable to the router. Once I do, you turn on your PC, open any web browser and type in one of the following addresses:

You'll find yourself in front of the TIM router access screen similar to the one shown below.

Telecom modem password 2

On the TIM router models for fiber the screen may look like this.

Telecom modem password 3

If you do not know how to enter the modem, enter the username and password and enter the router settings. Once inside you just need to find the Wi-Fi voice and click on the symbol in the form of tools present next to the names of the network.

modem modem password 4

Alternatively look for the section Wi-Fi settings(classic ADSL router). Once you open the screen with the settings of Wi-Fi connections, you just need to look for the item Encryption key to find the lost Wi-Fi password.

modem modem password 5

Telecom modem password lost

If you have lost your WiFi access password and at the same time the password to enter the TIM router to access the configuration panel, there are several ways to recover it.

The first method to retrieve the Telecom modem password try the default login credentials, especially if you've never bothered to change them in the settings. The credentials are:

Username: admin
Password: admin

or alternatively:

Username: admin
Password: password

If these combinations do not work you have nothing else to do but reset the router to return it to factory settings. This way you will be able to use one of the recommended combinations above to access the router again.

To reset the Telecom modem it is necessary to use the small reset button present as a simple button to press or as an "internal" button to press with a needle or a toothpick. Below you can find the position of the reset keys according to the TIM router model in possession:

  • TIM Fiber Modem the reset button on the back panel of the device and you have to hold it down for thirty seconds.
  • ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N modem (DA2210) the reset button on the top of the device and you have to hold it down for thirty seconds.
  • ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N modem the reset button on the back panel of the device and you have to hold it down for three seconds.
  • Technicolor ADSL2 + Wi-Fi N modem the reset button on the back panel of the device and you have to hold it down for three seconds.

Once reset all passwords (WiFi or access to the router) will be restored to factory settings, so it will be possible to use those present on the labels or try one of the default passwords as recommended in the previous sections of the guide.

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