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Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, the proof

The Japanese offer one of the best small format tablets available on the market. Beautiful, versatile and powerful: its rivals are few

Price: 399 euros | Vote: 8More information: Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

(Photo: Sony)(Photo: Sony)

After the invasion of cheap 7 tablecloths that put an end to Apple's absolute dominance in the field of hi-tech tablets, the time has come for Android builders of raise the stakes. A batch of 8 gadgets is invading the market in recent months, and Sony's proposal qualifies as one of the most valid in the category.

Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact a tablet so beautiful to see how hard to pronounce. The design incorporates lines and materials from the already established Z series: sharp corners but slightly rounded edges, attention to detail and a sober, elegant look, rich in personality. And like its predecessors the Compact extremely thin.

Even the big brother of 10 was a pretty under-cheese, but in that case the relationship between thickness and size of the device gave the impression that the tablet was a bit too fragile. Not the case of the latest arrival: his 6.4 mm distributed on a narrower surface they give it enough strength to resist twisting and mistreatment. In addition, it literally disappears into any document holder and slips into bags where different gadgets from 7 struggle to enter. Featherweight and ergonomics make it one of the most popular tablets pleasant to handle on which we placed the fingertips.

Impeccable inside. The screen is not a stratospheric ultra hd, but an excellent unit anyway 1080P LCDIPS that allows you to browse in Android 4.4 (expected to be updated to Lollipop) in complete tranquility. The contents are defined, the web pages are read perfectly even without the need for zoom, and videos, photos and games enjoy a more than satisfactory color reproduction. The experience of use then always fluid, thanks to the quad core processor Snapdragon 801, which, coupled with 3GB of RAM, should ensure excellent performance even when the Compact has more than a few months on its back.

Sony is not spared even in the options and has equipped its mini tablet with a nice list of goodies. From support for the Ant + protocol for smartband, to Bluetooth low energy for Android Wear watches and company, from the NFC chip to microSD card slots, from a satisfying pair of front speakers to the possibility in the 4G version of receive and send calls and text messages. These features are certainly already seen elsewhere, but together they make the Compact a complete tablet, with which you can really do everything.

the definitive tablet? Not exactly. On the one hand, in fact, the Compact is not without flaws: one above all the couple of cameras barely sufficient for video calls and emergency photos; the graphical interface then, even if it doesn't weigh on the processor, clashes with the Android graphics a defect that gets worse with the material design of Lollipop. On the other hand, despite being a versatile tablet, it lacks more exotic additions on which other products such as a nib, an infrared port or a fingerprint reader are based.

In the final analysis, however, the latter are not defects that could invalidate the final judgment on the Sony tablet: Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact one of the best products of its size, an ideal middle ground between the standards established by Google with the Nexus 7 and 9. Its rivals can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

WiredResistant to water and dust. Excellent 4500 mAh battery life

TiredThe drawer for the odious SIM


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