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SmugMug has acquired Flickr from Yahoo

SmugMug has acquired Flickr, the famous online photo sharing service that was owned by Yahoo since 2005. SmugMug after the acquisition integrate Flickr in its offer of professional services for archiving and sharing photos

SmugMug has acquired Flickr, the famous online photo sharing service that had become the property of Yahoo in 2005 in one of the fundamental steps that would have given life to Web 2.0, user centrality and user generated content.

SmugMug acquired Flickr from Verizon, its current owner who controlled it through Oath (the company born from the merger of Yahoo and AOL).SmugMug a professional sharing service born even before Flickr (in 2002), and based on paid subscriptions. The news of theacquisition of Flickr by SmugMug was revealed by Jessica Guynn of USA Today.

SmugMag Flickr acquisition

SmugMug acquisition Flickr

SmugMug Founder and CEO Don MacAskill, he used Twitter to announce the acquisition and share all his hopes for this important deal. "We will move heaven and earth to excite you and all photographers," the CEO told a Flickr Pro user, via social media.

SmugMug Flickr acquisition: the numbers

SmugMug reported that Flickr counts "beyond 100 million unique users who publish tens of billions of photos ". easy to understand how the agreement could be useful for SmugMug, which has worked long and successfully with the same business model, but which has been able to make it profitable. Flickr fans are enthusiastic about the news and have accepted very well the acquisition by SmugMug. Yahoo, which had acquired Flickr for $ 20 million in 2005, was not an attentive owner and according to many a miracle that Flickr still exists, given Yahoo's troubled history.

SmugMug Flickr acquisition: the future

Certainly for Flickr, the acquisition by a professional service like SmugMug is good, but today Flickr can still grow, develop and return to play a central role in the web scene? Since Flickr was born many things have changed: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, have taken on a fundamental role in sharing images. Mobile has taken over and photo sharing has evolved from classic albums to streaming to stories (as in Instagram, Snapchat and even Facebook). Google and Amazon Prime now offer free storage Unlimited user photo libraries. Apple has made photography a fundamental part of its operating system and messaging service. Instagram has become the culturally dominant visual community. In this new Flickr ecosystem it seems to play a marginal role. There App of Flickr not among the 150 best photo apps, according to the Annie App.

SmugMag Flickr acquisition

The role of Flickr after SmugMug's acquisition

In any case, if SmugMug is able to stabilize Flickr, satisfy its users who have always been enthusiastic about the service and improve it by trying to build something new, Flickr's future will be better than what Verizon could offer him, but from here to say that Flickr will return to play a fundamental role in the world of image sharing.

But at SmugMug I am in seventh heaven, rightly, and have created a special site to announce the acquisition

And they say We are excited to announce that SmugMug has acquired Flickr. We could not be more enthusiastic about uniting two brands that share the same mission, passions and values. Photographers have always found a way to share their passion, work and inspiration with one another.