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See free Italian movies on Smart TV via Internet

free italian movie

Did you zap the digital terrestrial channels throughout the evening without finding anything interesting to see? In this case the technology comes to you by allowing you to make the most of your home Internet connection even in the living room, thanks to the use of Smart TV features. In this guide I will show you how see free italian movies from the Internet using the TV directly, without having to connect PC, TV Box to get streaming. You will be shown how to act both in case of Smart TV and in case of simple TV without Smart functionality, so you can see free movies in Italian in any scenario.

See free Italian movies on Smart TV

Today, TV is no longer a device that forces you to watch the programming set by the various channels. Now you can choose what to watch. TV is a tool on a par with a computer with which you can interact via the web, watch movies in streaming or any other content. If you don't know how to transform your TV, continue reading this guide.

How to watch movies in streaming with Web browser Smart TV

The easiest way to watch free Italian movies use the internal browser provided with any Smart TV. This browser has almost all the features of a PC browser and allows watch streaming movies present on the net directly from it. In order to watch free movies in Italian, open the Web browser on your smart TV; usually present in the HUB section, Smart HUB or similar items (check the television manual to find Smart features from the remote control).

On Smart TV Samsung looks like a clickable icon, as shown below.

streaming with Browser Web Smart TV

While on Smart TV LG with WebOS you just need to open the multimedia part and look for the Browser entry.

see smart tv movie lg

On other TVs the similar voice, just find it in the menu dedicated to the multimedia part of the Smart TV or directly in the TV settings.

Once the browser is open, you just need to use the remote control to type in one of the streaming sites for free movies available on the net; a good list of sites to test on your TV can be obtained from the following link.

Once the site is open, save it in the Web browser bookmarks on Smart TV to avoid having to re-enter them each time with the remote control (frankly difficult to use for these purposes). The procedure differs for each TV, so I suggest you carefully read the manual supplied with the TV to find out how to best use the integrated Web browser on the TV.

Note: Smart TV web browsers may not be compatible with some video formats or with some streaming sites (such as those using Flash Player). Search for possible streaming sites that transmit without using plugins or compatible from smartphones, you will have the certainty of being able to use them even on Smart TV.

See free movies with Chromecast (both Smart TV and simple TVs)

Do you find it inconvenient to have to use the TV remote control each time to type in the name of the movies or sites? Your TV is not Smart? You can switch to a much more comfortable and manageable alternative to watch free movies in Italian: buy a Chromecast.

see free chromecast movies

Once purchased and connected to the TV (both Smart and a normal TV with HDMI) you can use your smartphone or tablet as a "remote control" and send streaming videos to the TV with the help of the mobile device keyboard (definitely more convenient for writing web addresses and movie names).

see free movies in Italian

If you already have Chromecast you just have to turn on the TV, connect an Android device or an iOS device to the same WiFi network where the Chromecast is present and follow the steps described in the following guide and you can watch free movies on your TV.

By taking advantage of an app that acts as a browser, you will be able to visit any streaming site present in the network ed send the films made available on Hosting sites on TV, without problems related to advertising or pop-ups.

visit any streaming site

This is currently the most convenient way to watch free Italian movies on your TV using the Internet: any video compatible with Chromecast's apps can be played on the TV, greatly expanding the multimedia capabilities of the device.

If you have not yet purchased a Chromecast you can fix it by visiting the following link made available by Google for the purchase.

PURCHASE LINK | Chromecasts

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