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Risk failure for Corel?

Risk failure for Corel?

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Risk failure for Corel? The alarm comes from within the same company, to be precise from the CTO, Chief Technology Officer, Derek Burney who in a statement to The Ottawa newspaper Citizen announces that in the "next three months Corel could run out of cash if it is not brought in the end the merger agreement with Inprise / Borland Corp. or if no other solutions will be found ?. Corel, following the decrease in sales of traditional products and the still limited success of sales of the Linux line, had only at the end of February 60 billion in cash really very few for a company of that size that needs large amounts of liquid to be able to operate on the market and, moreover, lost 40 billion last quarter. The merger with Inprise / Borland could bring new lifa, to be precise 400 billion, which would serve to prepare the relaunch and to continue the management of the new operations. "But at the moment it is unclear – says The Ottawa Citizen – whether this will be possible or whether it will really be enough to meet Corel's needs or whether other ways will also need to be found." Corel from only marginal company in the Apple world suddenly became a point reference for the platform with the purchase of almost the entire MetaCreations line. Now in the Canadian company catalog there are indeed Painter, Classic Painter, 3D Painter, Art Dabbler, Kai's Power Tools (KPT), KPT-X, Vector Effects and Bryce, all products compatible with Mac and of great relevance for the DTP sector and photo editing. Many, when Corel announced the purchase of the Metacreations packages two weeks ago, had advanced the fear that Corel's financial difficulties could damage Apple users, excluded from updating the software for reasons dictated by economic reasons and for Corel's tendency to have little consideration for the Mac world. Now Corel, while admitting its economic difficulties, guarantees that for the immediate present, users of the Apple must not have this fear. "When we bought the products from MetaCreations – Corel's public relations manager Susan Gauthier told Macnn – we knew very well what our economic conditions were. There is nothing new as it is learned in these days. This is why our projects have not changed overnight. We will not fire anyone and the development of applications, even those for Mac, will continue as it was in the forecasts ?.

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