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Remix, like the Surface, but with Android

Similar in design and philosophy to the Surface, the Chinese Jide tablet designed for productivity

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A few journalists presented during the last Consumer Electronics Show, Remixdamn similar to the Surface: an unfortunate coincidence, for those who wanted to launch it on the market as the first tablet of the post-PC era.

To promote the idea are three former Google employees, who founded Jide precisely to realize their idea of "Ultra-tablet designed for productivity".If there is one thing that the tablets do not do particularly well, in general, just work: great for recreation, when you have to squeeze them instead they leave the time they find. Apart from the Surface, in fact, which on the other hand is now proposed as a replacement for the laptop.

And it is precisely from the Surface design that Jeremy Chou (employee number 103 of Google), David Ko (former team leader of AdWords), and Ben Luck (former team leader of Google Maps Asia) left to realize Remix: full keyboard with magnetic coupling and posterior pedestal.

The differences begin when you scroll through the list of technical features: 11.6-inch IPS multitouch display in 16: 9 with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 2GB RAM, 64GB internal memory, expandable via microSD up to 128GB more. Front and rear cameras are from 5 megapixels and shoot videos in Full HD at 1080p. In a scenario of struggle at the last millimeter, Remix goes against the current: almost 1 centimeter thick, and weighs 850 grams. Among other things, the 8100 mAh battery can also recharge a connected smartphone up to 3 times.

The operating system Remix OS, a customized version of Android 4.4.2KitKat– the update to Lollipop under development. When you find it in front of you, the feeling of using Windows very strong. Among the interesting additions, in fact, unabarra for open applications, the possibility to open several windows at the same time, also in "Phone mode", for those not optimized for tablets: there is support for copy and paste and drag & drop between different applications. As standard, you will find Play Store and all Android system apps (from Chrome to Hangouts), but also the entire suite Office, a manager with the ability to create and manage folders and a rar manger; menus that can be activated with the right button – to make the most of a mouse (a USB port). The keyboard magnetically hooks up and connects via Bluetooth; closed, acts as a cover.

The price is not low compared to most Android tablets: $ 349 for the 16GB versione449 dollars for the 64GB one, including the keyboard – however much less than a Surface 3. Remix is ??already available in China and will arrive in the United States during the spring.


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