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QT stream, difficult run-up

QT stream, a difficult run-up

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RealVideo first, WindowsMedia Player second and QuickTime third. The positions of the three main players in the Internet streaming sector do not change. This is confirmed by a Nielsen survey which for the last three months has placed RealNetworks' product in first place, followed by Microsoft's and then QT. The most interesting aspect is that despite the increase in competition RealVideo increases its advantage over its pursuers. In fact, the number of monthly users grew by 2.2 million, posting competition even more in percentage terms. While in fact RealVideo used today from 21.8 million users per month (they were 19.6 three months ago), Windows Media Player used by 8.6 million users per month (they were 7.4 in early February) and QT from 7 , 5 million (against 7 million in the previous survey). As can be seen from the figures, therefore, QuickTime has lost ground at least in terms of monthly users with respect to alternative platforms.

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