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PowaTag, smartphone-friendly e-commerce is done with photos

A little Shazam and a little QR Code, the new technology allows you to make purchases from your smartphone by taking photos or listening to music. Geolocation and customization of services do the rest. that's how

PowaTag is a new retail-oriented service that allows consumers to conclude your purchases via smartphone directly in the store, on online platforms or through advertising in newspapers, radio and TV. At the base is a hybrid technology patented by Powa Technologies that allows buy items from any advertising medium, be it a surface, a screen or even an audio source, thanks to a simple scan via smartphone.

I am today over 240, the global brands that have chosen PowaTag as a solution for instant mobile commerce and Bluetooth geolocation, a technology through which it is possible to increase consumer involvement in the purchasing process: among the companies involved, Universal Music and Carrefour.PowaTag will allow physical locations to be transformed into data-rich navigation environments with which to interact: buyers can, for example, receive messages containing special offers. At the same time retailers they will know customers' buying habits in real time, as soon as they have entered the store.

That PowaTag represents the new frontier of every -where commerce? Will he be able to make peace between physical retailers and online shopping? We asked Dan Wagner, CEO and founder of Powa Technologies, who thanks to his project has raised almost 100 million euros in 2 years for the development of PowaTag and opened 14 offices in the world, including Milan where PowaTag is being launched and has already aroused the interest of some large retailers and producers.

Dan Wagner, CEO and founder of Powa TechnologiesDan Wagner, CEO and founder of Powa Technologies

Who is responsible for the orders made through PowaTag?

"Order processing will be handled directly by member companies – PowaTag simply offers a new way for customers to buy from them. In addition to retailers, we also work with some producers who sell directly to consumers or through partner sales channels, providing them with information on the stores where the purchases took place to facilitate the payment of commissions or affiliations to partner sales channels. "

What payment systems does PowaTag support?

"PowaTag a transaction facilitator which offers the customer a completely new way to buy products instantly, not just a new way of paying, which sets it apart from the many digital wallets on the market. When the customer registers on the app, he enters the preferred payment method together with the details of the shipment, in order to facilitate immediate purchases and reduce the hassle of entering this information each time, often a source of customer frustration and causing the abandonment of the purchase. The possibility of scan and purchase an item in seconds, in combination with localization services and in-store beacon technology, offer practicality and customer value not offered by traditional validation wallets. "

How is delivery made? Can I pick up in the store or will the products be sent to my home address?

?Delivery options depend on the choice of each company, PowaTag allows retailers to offer all the delivery and collection options usually requested by consumers. The possibility of offering home delivery or in-store collection at the touch of an icon. Location services in the PowaTag app, for example, allow retailers to automatically detect the preferred delivery of the customer for in-store pickup, without requiring the user to enter their data or browse through a long list of stores. "

What prevention systems did you think of?

"To prevent fraud from stolen mobile phones, credit card information is not stored on the device itself, and all information is stored in the cloud with a PCI Level 1 certification."

Many consumers use the Internet for price comparison, even on the move. Have you thought of a similar system in your app?

"PowaTag allows users to buy products immediately from participating retailers, but offers no price comparison options."

How does PowaTag relate to other ecommerce operators?

"Retailers can no longer afford to think in terms of online versus offline, let alone try to compare traditional business with e-commerce. They must seriously rethink their multi-channel strategies to provide all those extra services required by customers today, customers who want greater levels of control and freedom of access and choice on how to buy products. of vital importance to allow customers to buy at any time and wherever they are, when they are at the critical moment of the purchase decision. "

How PowaTag cambier the shopping scene? Do you think it will also have an impact on aspects such as shop fittings, personnel or the distribution chain?

"PowaTag changes the shopping experience for customers by providing full shopping freedom, allowing them to make immediate transactions wherever and whenever they want, with unprecedented ease and convenience. Resellers will certainly be able to capitalize on this functionality, preparing their products and their advertising in order to allow quick access to an immediate purchase. moreover, it is essential that they have fast, robust supply chains in order to quickly fulfill orders and allow collection in-store and home delivery. By analyzing the PowaTag beacon activity, retailers will be able to determine the best arrangement of products and refine merchandising activities. "

Analogously, how will PowaTag change the advertising landscape? Will he be able to turn the billboard into transactional advertising?

"PowaTag has the ability to completely transform the advertising landscape. Static announcements such as those in magazines and billboards will become interactive sales points that allow consumers to make immediate purchases. PowaTag also offers an unprecedented amount of data and information for advertising, allowing brands to accurately measure the ROI of their campaigns. "

Will PowaTag succeed in overcoming the mistrust of Italian retailers or will consumers be the biggest obstacle? On the front of instant mobile commerce, the GimmeAnother application was recently launched, already available on the App Store, which gives consumers the opportunity to save their favorite products on your smartphone and rearrange them whenever you want, wherever you want. if we continue to have an empty fridge it will only be our fault, no more allowed excuse.

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