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Photowall for Chromecast, your photos in giant format

New from Google: Photowall arrives for Chromecast, to turn TV into a huge digital frame

Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies and even Music. In addition to the main things that might have prompted you to buy Chromecast – for sale in Italy since last week – now there is also the possibility of turning TV into a huge and expensive digital photo frame. Google has just released Photowall for Chromecast,app that allows you to send a presentation of images to the stick, even in collaborative mode. collaborate, modify and interact with images directly on your TV, using smartphones and tablets. Thanks to Photowallin fact, anyone can take a picture and send it to the TV to see it on a bigger screen.

To install Chromecast just a few steps, an HDMI port on the TV, a USB (or a power outlet) and an available Wi-Fi network, even if password protected. When you decide to share the photo with Photowall, just select it to see it immediately on the TV even while it is being edited; once the presentation is saved, the app automatically creates a video on YouTube to share the presentation of the photos with all the participants.

After DLNA, Miracast and AirPlay, Chromecast is the latest among the technologies that allow content sharing, costing 35 euros and certainly among the most interesting.


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