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Panasonic Toughpad, the tablet puts on the diving suit

The new Panasonic armored range is increasingly compact and durable. With gadgets designed for every professional use

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Working in mobility does not only mean needing a light tablet in weight and format, but also a device capable of withstanding all possible trauma of a trip. Bumps, falls and contact with liquids risk damaging electronic devices in multiple situations, whether they are placed in the trolley pocket or traveling next to you in the passenger seat. And because harnessing them in the seat belt becomes difficult, Panasonic has directly thought of armoring them.

The Toughbook and Toughpad lines feature laptops and tablets that meet military solidity standards. To develop such resistance you need a rind composed of elastomers and magnesium alloys, and a workout from marines, which involves overcoming extreme stress tests.

The last born, the Toughpad FZ-B2, a Android tablet from 7 which withstands falls from 150cm and changes in temperature between -10 and +50 C. Like the fellow soldier FZ-M1, equipped with Windows 8.1, certified with IP65 rating for resistance to dust and water. However, the two compact 5 FZ-E1 (Windows 8.1) and FZ-X1 (Android 4.2.2) are even more leathery, complying with the IP68 specifications (immersion finor 1.5 meters for 30 minutes), which allow them to work perfectly even after a good shower:

In addition to resistance, there are additional features that make them particularly suitable for field work. Data and voice functionality integrated by noise cancellation is loud speakers they allow you to communicate fluidly even in the midst of the noise of an industrial plant or the crowd of a big event or event. To these we add the duration: the autonomy reaches 14 hours, practically two work shiftsemphasizes Dirk Weigelt, Product Manager at European level of Panasonic. Thanks to fast charging, 50% of the battery is recovered in a short time, so even if the colleague from the previous round forgot to attach the tablet to the current, it does not remain dry.

B2B products are our futureexplains Claudio Lamperti, CEO of Panasonic Italy. The sectors of eco solutions for energy management, production and storage as well as automotive, surveillance systems and precisely Toughbook, are the cornerstones of the business division. An iceberg that is 80% of turnover and whose tip is represented by consumer products, from televisions and cameras to air conditioners and appliances, passing through the recovery of historic brands such as Technics.

Armored laptops and tablets are in the hands of the most diverse sectors, and in the Italy segment the second country in Europe, behind Germany and ahead of the United Kingdom and France. The Toughpads support companies of the caliber of Ferrari (for the management of assistance centers), Ferrero and Barilla (reading bar codes) as well as groups in the utility sector (Hera and Enel) and transport (Bologna Airport). There are also examples in the agricultural-food and health-medical fields, as evidenced by the Desert Locust Watch project, the FAO program for the control of environmental conditions and the prevention of the scourge of locusts in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The panacea may not even exist in the technological field yet, but the variety and flexibility are the care that Panasonic proposes to those who intend to increase the efficiency of their processes. Through gadgetin armor, suitable for every use and profession.


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