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Official: Nvidia chip also for Mac

Official: Nvidia chip also for Mac

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If until this morning there was only a few voices, now there is also the direct confirmation from the producers: the Nvidia GeForce MX chip was designed with the Mac market in mind. To provide the information this morning by Macity was the president of Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang during a meeting with journalists for the presentation of the chip. "GeForce MX – Huang said – is not only aimed at our main market, that of desktop PCs, but also at markets from which we have always been excluded, such as that of commercial workstations, laptops and even the Mac world." therefore fully confirmed the assumptions that we advanced in the morning edition of Macity, or that we could soon see the Nvidia chips in some Macs. The possibility of seeing laptops with GeForce MX could be excluded. Some sites do indeed point out that the consumption of the chip (4 Watts) is almost double that of some competing products of which Ati is the leader with its ATI Rage 128 Mobility complaint only 2.5 Watts of consumption. GeForce MX can be used by some hardware manufacturer to assemble add-on cards for desktops. Not to be excluded that it may be the same Apple to use Nvidia chips on its machines, perhaps the new generation iMacs. Despite the non-record-breaking consumption, in fact, the GeForce MX has a very low heat dissipation, a low cost, an excellent price / performance ratio (twice as fast as ATI Rage 128) and a modern architecture, which makes it the processor particularly suited to a machine like Apple's low-end desktop. Less likely it seems to be the hypothesis put forward by someone else that supposes the production of additional acceleration cards for desktops that use the Nvidia chip. The performances of GeForce MX, in fact, while interesting, do not seem able to hold the comparison with ATI Radeon, which is being released in the coming weeks. The new ATI chip, in fact, would be superior to that of Nvidia which is aimed at a different market. Of course, in the hypothesis of an "on board" use of GeForce on iMac the privileged relationship with ATI could become stiff, but if Apple can manage a division of the processor market between IBM (in laptops and iMacs) and Motorola (in the G4) why shouldn't you be able to do it with two vendors like Nvidia and ATI? Having said that it remains to be understood when we will see Mac computers with Nvidia cards. Unfortunately we do not believe that many people can answer this question, there are so many variables at play. At the moment, in fact, we are only in a preliminary phase managed, moreover, solely by Nvidia which has simply laid the groundwork for someone to produce drivers compatible with its cards. That these drivers are actually produced or that someone thinks about making the cards (Nvidia does not produce cards but only chips) still to be seen. however, it is difficult to think that Nvidia has launched into such an undertaking without having the necessary guarantees from Apple, but until today no concrete signal has arrived from Cupertino. In any case, we do not believe that the time for a mention in this regard can be very long. The average life of 3D acceleration chips is now quite short and it seems an exaggeration to assume that we will not see Nvidia cards for Mac before six or eight months, as much as it would take for the development of drivers for MacOs. Our bet that Nvidia or some producer (perhaps Apple itself) could give indications in this regard since the next New York Expo, perhaps in the context of the Steve Jobs Keynote. After all, if Apple managed to develop iMac in secret because it could not have managed to do the same with simple drivers for a 3D card?

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