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Nvidia Shield Tablet, the proof

The Nvidia tablet promises sparks not only in gaming, but the slightly overpriced price could discourage those looking for the deal

Price: starting from 299 euros | Vote: 8.5More information: Nvidia Shield Tablet

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The parent company Nvidia is keen to advertise its Shield Tablet as a tablet dedicated to gamers, and indeed some of the goodies it contains aim to win their sympathy. And yet, thanks to numerous trump cards, the gadget of the American house could appeal to an even wider public.

From the gaming world it inherits a not exactly sober look. The front speakers take up valuable space and move the tablet away with a minimalist vocation of many other products in the category. But if the immaculate Apple-style design is not a key feature for you, you can easily enjoy the Shield Tablet thanks to constructive quality more than satisfactory and compact after all: in these months the diagonal of the 8 screen has become a fashion, but also an excellent cross between the excesses of the 10 tablets and the inconvenience of a skimpy 7 screen. The Nvidia gadget handy to use and easy to carry.

Practicality aside, there are three pillars on which Shield Tablet is based. The first a sheet of specifications of all respect. The Tegra K1 chip, one of the best in the category, combines high performance with a capacity to affect the battery in a balanced way: intense gaming sessions will drain the tablet in a few hours, but with an average use you can easily reach a couple of days. Then a nib included in the body: during use the tablet recognizes the pressure levels and can exclude the accidental inputs of the fingers or palms of the hand. Finally, there is an allocation of doors and entrances that covers the increasingly less common microsd and hdmi output cards.

The second pillar the updated Google operating system to the latest version. Shield is part of that handful of devices that come to market with Android 5.0 Lollipop ready. The other producers will also adapt, but at the moment the material design and all the gems of this latest Mountain View release can be found here or on Nexus devices.

The third of course the gaming vocation. Android games in fact are not the only way to have fun on Shield: from the Nvidia gadget you can also play in streaming through your home PC or in the cloud using the Grid network servers. Needless to say, you need a suitable PC in the first case and a respectable Internet connection in the second: Nvidia has a page with the minimum requirements to enjoy the experience satisfactorily.

If to fit in these parameters, Shield Tablet turns into a portal made of games and experiences remotely. Especially Grid, which for the moment free and in beta, has only about twenty games, but destined to become something big.

In the abundance of possibilities that Shield opens to its users, the sore point the price above average. Justified by what the tablet offers, of course, but also due to features that won't interest everyone, like the stylus or the powerful on-board processor.

The issue is complicated by considering gaming: the excellent wireless controller, optional but in fact not mandatory, costs 60 euros. Local streaming requires a fairly powerful PC and Nvidia graphics card. And the game in the cloud is a dream reserved for those with a Gamestream certified router and an excellent Internet connection.

In short, Shield Tablet will not be a blockbuster. As much as it is a quality product, it is not able to overwhelm the popularity of cheap 7 tablets, and even hardened players will not automatically put their wallets into play. However, it remains an excellent tablet, versatile and powerful even in its basic version, who will know how to be loved by a large group of enthusiasts.

WiredThe Tegra K1 processor moves everything to perfection. Connected to TV and controller it wets the nose to all the set top boxes on the market

TiredNot very high screen brightness


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