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Netflix, you can have it even in Italy (and it's easy even if you're lazy)

All the programs, and the tricks, to enjoy the streaming of the Californian company even if you are on the sofa in the Belpaese


In the last few months most of my friends have started using Netflix. Initially I didn't give too much importance to the thing, trusting in an arrival in Italy in short times and mindful of how much I had used Spotify playing dirty and making me the American account: very little. Some weeks ago, suddenly, I thought that it could be a good idea to try it, especially after receiving yet another "Beautiful, my life is no longer the same, I am happier, I am complete, thanks, hurray, oh my God, what a wonderful thing! "

Now then I will tell you about my adventure, anticipating to you that it will be little technical and, above all, I will present some gaps in those points where I do not know how I was able to make something work.

Step # 1: Pretend to be in the USA (or in a place that allows you to see Netflix)

To do this there are several sites. I chose Unlocator. Try it: (currently) free and in very few steps (three) will allow you to pretend elsewhere. It also explains very well how to set up the router, the tablet, the smartphone, the PS3, etcetc. After following the instructions you should see the three green checkmarks in your Unlocator account. Once this is done you can proceed to the next steps. There is a "for": if you have Vodafone as a provider, you can forget about Netflix, or in any case it will be a very tough battle, a battle that I failed to win. Currently Vodafone the only company in Italy to give compatibility problems with Unlocator. I talked on the phone with those from Vodafone: they confirmed this. Hodunquefto the competition – which I already had on another user – and for Netflix.

Step # 2: Create Netflix accounts

Go to the official website (after receiving the three green ticks on Unlocator or the corresponding "hey, you did it all right!" On other similar sites) and register a new account. Currently the first free month, but you still need to enter your credit card details (if you are among those terrified by this practice, abandon everything and returned immediately in 1992). From the following month you will pay 6 euros a month for one of the best things that ever happened in your life. Legend has it that if you want to avoid trouble when entering your credit card, you must enter an American cap. Try the classic 90210. I put the one of my fake newhampshiriana residence (in point # 3a I explain a little better this thing, but not too much). It worked. A friend with the account on Iwbank told me that for them (better: for the Iwbank Visa dealer) Netflix blacklisted so its card doesn't work, and therefore no Netflix, and therefore death and destruction. Hey, Iwbank Visa Dealer: Really?

Step # 3: Where do you want to watch Netflix?iPad? iPhone?

Ok, you need to find out how to install the Netflix app in your gadget. To do it you need an American account (or, probably, an account of one of the countries in which Netflix is ??present: I haven't tried it and so I don't know for sure). I have the USA account because years ago it was given to me for my birthday (as I said, I have a fake residence in a town in New Hampshire and everything seems to me fantastic, right?) And if you want one, you want too, in short it does so: launch iTunes, change the country of reference (by clicking on the flag below: instead of Italy, choose USA), buy any free app – even Netflix itself – and enter your new American data with an address of your choice. When the payment is made, opt for "No card" and you are on horseback.

Once the account-file has been archived, install the app. Login with the account previously registered and have fun (always remember that first of all Unlocator must give you the three green checkmarks)

Mac? PC?

Go to the official website, login and hello (first the three unlocator checkmarks, please!)

Android phone or tablet?

Here I confess to illegally downloading the Netflix apk, then I copied it to the phone, installed it, fine (remember to always pass by Unlocator first). Then I obviously deleted it and went to confess.

PlayStation 3?

You need to get the Netflix app from PlayStation Store (or whatever it's called today). Here too, to do that, you have to create an account from the American PlayStation website: the much simpler procedure than the corresponding App Store. It's enough for you insert data at random, or at least that's what I did, if I remember correctly. Then create a new user in Ps3 (I called it Netflix, because I have a lot of imagination), log in with the account you just created, go to Unlocator to do the usual three checkpoints and, once that's done, go in the store and install Netflix. And then have fun directly on the TV at home.

I installed Netflix "only" on these devices (and it was a huge success for a lazy person like me), but I am sure you will find a way to make it work on many others (Unlocator's guides are very simple and very clear).

You want to know what I entered immediately into my Netflix list? Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Battlestar Galactica, Twin Peaks.

Good vision!


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