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Mtalk, free and confidential calls with the Italian app

The app grows internationally and protects privacy with a patented antispam device, the app that allows you to create a link and a web page reserved for chatting, also lands on devices iOS Apple, being already operational on Android, and downloadable from the iTunes Store. With it is possible to reach, internationally, voice messages and text messages without limits. And without software registrations or downloads. The system launched by the Italian company Messagenet, which deals with VoIP solution development, counts 160 thousand users from over 100 countries in the world.

Create and use the link, as an alternative to the telephone, free, while to call traditional numbers via Mtalk, you pay. Additional telephone numbers can also be activated 18 countries.An eye also to the privacy: with a spam filter technology, it guarantees to be reached only by a person whose identity is certain. Function which, if desired, can also be disabled.


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