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Minecraft Earth available in Italy for Android and iOS | Early Access

Microsoft officially opens the doors of Minecraft Earth to Italy through early access for versions Android and iOS, after a long period of closed beta, reserved for a limited number of users.

For those who have not yet discovered the spin-off of the famous Mojang title, in Minecraft Earth players will be able to exploit Augmented Reality for build structures of any kind, share their creations, cultivate, create objects, structures and even fight against IRL mobs through a virtual game world, interacting directly with the screen of your smartphone.

Early access allows players to test and give feedback on the title, while introducing two new features that were not available during the closed beta:

  • Adventures: small worlds, generated automatically and with a limited time duration, which allow you to play in Augmented Reality in natural size. This is just one of several optimized multiplayer experiences
  • New variants of mobs, mergers and crafting: new friendly or hostile mobs to meet, like the "adorable" Muddy Pig, Moodbloom, Jumbo Rabbit and Cluckshroom. Furthermore, by merging, you can transform minerals into ingots and with crafting you can create the items you need (obviously, if you have the right materials), instead of having to look for them.

In addition to Augmented Reality, Minecraft Earth also uses a number of technologies, made available by Microsoft after the acquisition of the game and the development study in 2014. Firstly, i Azure PlayFab dedicated servers make the multiplayer mode of Minecraft Earth possible, hosting both Build Plates and adventures. Secondly, the implementation of Azure Spatial Anchors (ASA) makes sharing experiences possible and the persistence of Augmented Reality content.