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Microsoft: the case before Clinton

Microsoft: the case before Clinton

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The Justice Department's proposals to prevent Microsoft from persevering in its illegal monopoly exercise are now being reviewed by US staff. In fact, from 6 pm this evening, Italian time is in the White House. The request to meet the Justice Department to learn more about the vision of the solution to the Microsoft case of the lawyers who dragged the Gates company to court comes from the White House itself. It is not clear whether the president or vice-president Gore will attend the meeting, but the event is of particular importance especially in light of yesterday's news when many media claimed that the Justice Department will ask to separate Microsoft into two or even three different company. Meanwhile, after the storm that yesterday swept away 16% of the value of their shares from Microsoft's portfolios, today things are better even if MSFT is struggling to recover. Instead, most of the hi-tech stocks gains, dragged down by the emotional wave that hit Wall Steet yesterday.

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